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It has been a banner year for Maria Kirilenko - in the spring she reached her goal, cracking the Top 10 in singles. Check in with the Russian No.2 in her WTA Player Blog from the Rogers Cup!

Published August 05, 2013 12:00

Maria Kirilenko

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello again everybody :)

Well it's been a nice last few days in Toronto. On Sunday I had an early practice on site - I like to practice early so I can relax the rest of the day. Then we went to the supermarket in the afternoon for some snacks - candy, chocolate and fruit. I like getting my own groceries at tournaments...

At night I stayed in and had room service. I'm only with my dad here and we like to do our own thing at night - if I have friends or my fiancé on the tour with me I will go out to restaurants, but it just depends on my mood. But I like just having room service sometimes - I still have a little bit of jet lag from travelling here from Moscow last week, so I've been having some early nights so far in Toronto.

Today I had a couple of good hits on site - one of them was with Ayumi Morita, who I practice with from time to time. Then I spent the afternoon watching a Russian TV series - it makes me feel closer to home :) Another thing that makes me feel closer to home is texting and chatting with my fiancé Alex - we talk most of the day, actually, except for the times when we're both asleep, of course!

Tonight I'm just going to relax and rest for my first round match, which is tomorrow. It's first on the schedule. I quite like being the first match, so you don't have to wait all day at the stadium. I've never played against Petra Martic before, but I know it will be a tough match - and it's also my first match since Wimbledon, so it will be a good opportunity and a test to see where I am after a month of not playing in a tournament. I hope I get to the next round because I really like this tournament!

One other thing I wanted to talk about is the comeback of Martina Hingis. I first heard about it by seeing it in the paper, and I think it's obvious that she just still loves tennis. It will be great to have her back. I saw her and spoke with her a little bit when she was coaching Pavlyuchenkova, and you can tell that she just loves the sport so much. She's a legend and I'm looking forward to seeing her play again!

Well, that's all for me tonight... I'll talk to you all again tomorrow :)


Kirilenko's Blog: Hello, Toronto 

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