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As she wraps up one of her very best seasons, in singles and doubles, Elena Vesnina brings us with her to Sofia in her first WTA Blog - check in with the Russian star and send in your questions!

Published October 29, 2013 12:05

Elena Vesnina

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hello everyone! I'll be doing the WTA Blog from Sofia this week...

But first, Istanbul was an amazing week for me. It was my first time at the WTA Championships and we were so happy we qualified there - and then it was twice the happiness because we made the final. Ekaterina had been injured and honestly we practiced maybe four days before the tournament - we practiced a lot, but maybe four days wasn't enough to win... but still, for us it was a great effort.

I had been in Istanbul a few times before so I knew the city a little bit, but we still went for a little bit of sightseeing - we saw the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar - so we had some nice times there. And the weather was really nice in Istanbul last week, especially coming from Moscow the week before, where it was raining and almost snowing even. When we got to Istanbul it was like a fairytale!

After the final we had a little bit of a celebration and then went to bed a bit late. I had an early flight on Monday morning so I didn't get as much sleep as I normally do - and I didn't pack as properly as I would with a little bit more time - but I'm here now. I was a bit tired when I got here though.

And Ekaterina is back in Moscow...

So now I'm in Sofia for the first time, and I've already had a bit of time to see the city. Before the draw ceremony yesterday we had a group picture taken at the Aleksander Nevski Cathedral. It looks beautiful. And this morning I went for a little walk in the center of the city, and I saw some really interesting monuments - one was just a big head, which was actually a statue of Stefan Stambolov, who was killed with an axe to the head. At first I was wondering why it was only a head! Then I went to a Russian church - it had a lot of construction going on so you could only see part of it, but it was very nice. Then I had an ice cream :) This city is just very nice, I felt very comfortable when I was walking around. It's very traditional, very European - it reminds me a little bit of Russia or Ukraine.

It's very homey here :)

The rest of today I'm probably going to watch some of the tennis. It's actually very unusual for me here - there are only eight players so it's very quiet in the player lounge, and we all have separate locker rooms so we don't see each other that much like at the other tournaments... but everything is just such a nice, unique atmosphere, so I just want to spend some more time here and enjoy it.

Thank you for reading and talk to you all again tomorrow!


P.S. Here are pictures of me with the statue and church I talked about! 

Elena Vesnina

Elena Vesnina

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