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What's her favorite candy? What horror movie scares her the most? And how did this picture happen? All those answers and more, right here in Elena Vesnina's special Halloween Blog from Sofia!

Published October 31, 2013 12:05

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hello again :)

Today I had a night match, so I had some time during the day again. I went for another little walk and did some shopping. In one store I met Nastia Pavlyuchenkova and we had some fun, because we chose the same leopard costumes! It was actually her idea - she was like, 'Let's try it on!' So we did, and we took some pictures (you'll see one of the pictures below!) It looked so wild - it was really fun.

Then I had lunch in a Greek restaurant around the corner. I like Greek food - my grandfather is Greek - so I really enjoy that cuisine. Anyway I bought some nice stuff for myself when I was shopping, but I definitely want to go back there again. I didn't buy the leopard costume in the end, but Nastia did!

My match today was a good match. We showed some good tennis, and some good fight. Tsvetana played well today - I think she felt better than in her first match, when she was a little bit tight. Today she really tried to show her fans and family and everyone that she's really fighting on the court. She's definitely playing better than her ranking. The whole crowd was cheering for her and trying to help her, but at the same time they were a very polite crowd - they were still clapping for my good shots.

It was a really good feeling and a good atmosphere.

I finished my match a bit late today so I don't have time to go out of have dinner at a restaurant, so I just had some dinner in the player lounge, then press, then some recovery and treatment, and then I'm going to back to the hotel to read the book I have with me. It's a biography of a Russian actress, her name is Faina Ranevskaya. She was very popular back in the 1960s. She has great charisma and I'm really enjoying reading the biography about her. And they have Russian TV here so I'm watching it every day. I miss all my shows so much, so when I have Russian channels in the hotel I'm so happy!

And of course, today is Halloween! I've been asked to answer a few questions about it for the blog:

Did you ever go trick or treating as a kid?
No. Later in school we would dress up and have some parties in the class, but no trick or treating.

What was your best Halloween costume?
I don't really remember wearing a proper costume - maybe in school I was a ghost or something? But if I dressed up today, I wouldn't want to be something ugly or murdered or a scary zombie, I would want to be a nice character with good charisma. Maybe a cartoon - let's say Puss In Boots! I was actually Puss In Boots in ballet theater when I was younger - I probably still have the costume somewhere...

What's your favorite type of candy?
Definitely chocolates with praline.

What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
For me it's Nightmare On Elm Street. I don't watch scary movies - when my friends invite me to a movie I ask them what movie they're going to see, they'll say it's a comedy, and when I get there it's a horror, and I'll just leave. I can't watch - the quiet then the screams then somebody's dead, I can't watch it. So Nightmare On Elm Street - with Freddy Krueger - it's the last one I watched, and that's it for me.

Now time to answer one of your questions and then it's time to sleep... goodnight everyone!


Who are your best friends on the tour? Brett, Qatar
I have a really good relationship with the Russian girls. I'm good friends with Ekaterina Makarova, Nastia Pavlyuchenkova and I always have fun together... just all the Russian girls are all good friends!

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Elena Vesnina, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova

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