Kimiko's Blog: No Stress In Taipei

From the wonderful food to the stress-free ride to the courts, Kimiko Date-Krumm is enjoying every minute of her stay in Taipei so far. Read along with the Japanese No.1 in her latest WTA Blog!

Published November 05, 2013 12:02

Kimiko Date-Krumm

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello everyone!

Every time I come to Taipei I'm so excited. I love Taiwanese food and the people are so kind. It was really exciting coming here and I've already had some of the food - Xiao Long Bao, which are like steamed dumplings, and Taiwanese burgers too. Many things. Last year I really enjoyed the hot pot - and we've already gone there again this year. As you can see I'm really enjoying it already here :)

I've been here since last Wednesday, so we've been here for almost a week already. Other than the great food that I already mentioned, I've just been practicing a lot - hopefully this week I can see some places here, like maybe the hot springs, which we went to see two years ago. It's a beautiful place.

I've come to this tournament four times now and it's just getting bigger and bigger - the tournament and the organization is great, they're always thinking about the players and they know the sport really well, so we're always very happy to come here. The arena is really nice and the hotel is really close by, so we have no stress - I think that's why all of us can enjoy it so much whenever we come here.

I actually had my first match of the week in doubles today, with my partner Zhang Shuai. Unfortunately we didn't win. I haven't played much doubles since my last WTA event in Osaka, so I didn't really have the best feel for doubles today, and we didn't play together for a while, so it wasn't going too well at the beginning. Also she just got here, so it was tough for her to adjust. It was just a difficult situation for us. But our opponents played very well, and we'll play more tournaments together next year!

I have another interesting situation - I'm the No.1 seed in singles and doubles here. But there are so many good players in the draw, it really doesn't mean anything - it's just a number, same as my age!

Now I'll just have something to eat, some Chinese food, then I'll prepare for tomorrow's match.

Have a good night :)


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