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Published May 04, 2014 12:14


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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hello again everyone!

Well tomorrow I'm playing my first match of the week, against Julia Goerges, so today was my last day of just practicing. I was out there about an hour, or an hour and 20 minutes with my coach, just hitting the ball and taking some serves, practicing short balls and drives, too - I really like that shot!

I also did some running, as well as a little bit of stretching, of course...

We were working on a lot of things. I have a very tough match tomorrow and I need to train hard.

I've been working with my coach, Wim Fissette, for a little while now. Until now I've only had Romanian coaches, so it's something different, and I was a little bit not ready for it at first, but every day I'm learning more and doing better. It's going very well. I hope we have good results together!

As for the language, my English is getting better, but not his Romanian - he doesn't want to learn!

Another new thing for me is I'm wearing adidas now, since Stuttgart actually. They have a lot of nice clothes - beautiful clothes - and I'm very glad I can play in them. It was my dream when I was young - I always said if you're with adidas you're a great player, so I'm really enjoying it right now :)

Another thing I did today was help at a tennis clinic for Estrella Damm, one of the tournament's sponsors. I had a great time. It's always nice to get a chance to meet the fans, as well as the sponsors, who support the tournament so much. And everyone seemed to enjoy themselves today. I had fun!

Now I'll just get some rest so I can be ready for tomorrow...

I'll answer some of your questions tomorrow too.

Have a good night :)


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