Simona's Blog: Nothing To Lose

Get a glimpse into the mind of Simona Halep when she's behind in a match in the World No.5's latest blog from the Mutua Madrid Open. She ended up running away with the match, by the way...

Published May 08, 2014 12:15


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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello everyone :)

It was a tough match tonight. Sabine played really well. She was hitting a lot of drop shots, so I had to run a lot! In the second set I told myself I had nothing to lose, and that I just had to win a few points in a row and it would be better, so I just fought for every point and it did get better towards the end...

One of the turning points, I think, was when I broke her in the second set - she was serving really well tonight, so that gave me a lot of confidence in myself. I played much more relaxed after that.

It's always very difficult for me to play at night, but that's tennis, that's the schedule, and I have to adapt. I spent most of the day at the hotel, and then I came here at about 3:30. I ate something and then warmed up, and then the match. I don't like waiting that long to play, but I'm happy I won!

I saw so many Romanian flags in the crowd tonight, and it's just amazing how much they come out to support me. I want to thank them. They support me every tournament. There were a lot of Spanish people supporting me today too, which was also amazing - I feel really good here in Madrid.

Well, it's pretty late and I'm playing again in the afternoon, so I should probably keep it a little short tonight... but I really wanted to see some more of your questions so here I go :)


What is your pre-match routine an hour before a match? Gavin, UK
Well there is one thing, I always try to put my hair back - but it never stays in place very well!

What are the best exercises for building fitness off the court? Hugh
I like warming up with the medicine ball, doing both backhand and forehand sides.

If you played your dream Grand Slam final against anyone, who and where? Ricardo, USA
It would be the French Open, for sure. I think right now I'm more confident on hardcourts, I play better there, but French Open. I think playing anyone would be good - just playing the final is good!

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