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Simona Halep is through to the semifinals, but how does she cheer herself up after a loss? What music does she listen to? Read the World No.5's latest blog here!

Published May 09, 2014 12:15


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Friday, May 9, 2014

It was another good day today :)

I have to say, the Romanian crowd was amazing today. They come to support me every time I play and I'm so happy they do. It's really nice to play with this support - I appreciate it a lot !

I expected a tough match because Ana is a great player, and it was a tough match. But thankfully I was playing really well. I played aggressive tennis today and I'm happy I was able to win in two sets.

It was a little bit of revenge, too. We played in Fed Cup a few weeks ago, but beforehand I hurt my ankle and couldn't practice for six or seven days, and when we played I had also played a match earlier that day because of the rain, against Jovanovski. Plus, Ana played really well that day. She beat me.

But I won this time and I'm just really looking forward to being in the semifinals here.

After this I'll talk with my coach a little bit, and then I'll go and eat something - I didn't eat before the match because I had some emotions :) Then I'll go to the hotel, have a short massage to recover, then I'll go into the city with my team and all of my friends that are here and have a nice dinner.

I would go shopping again but I haven't had time since the last time... and my coach told me there's no time for shopping now... I was very mad! But he's right. I can wait until after the tournament :)

One thing people usually talk about in the blogs is what they do to pass the time - reading, movies, music - for me it's hard to read in bed, because then I'll probably end up falling asleep!

I mainly just listen to music when I have the time - mostly Romanian songs.

One other thing I wanted to say is I hope my English has been improving! It's not my best language but I'm trying to speak well. I've done a lot of interviews over the last year and it's becoming part of my life now. I think Romanian people can see I'm getting more relaxed with all of the interviews :)

And of course, I have to talk about playing Petra tomorrow. She's playing well and she might have an advantage because she didn't have to play today. But I have a chance tomorrow and I'll fight for it as hard as I can. She's tough and very aggressive - I have to do my job really well tomorrow...

I look forward to trying to reach the semifinals if I can.

Now for a few more of your questions...

Have a nice day :)


Will you be playing the new WTA tournament in Bucharest this summer? Jake
Yes I will be playing there for sure - I really want to play there!

Who are your best friends on tour? Boti, Romania
My best friend is actually back in Romania, but I try to be friendly with everyone on the tour too.

How do you cheer yourself up after losing a match? Adonis, Philippines
If it's a tough match I cry a little bit :) If not, I just take the positive things. Sometimes I eat a little bit of chocolate, maybe do some shopping... but most of all I look forward to the next match.

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