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  • Kirilenko's Blog: Onwards & Upwards

    August 07, 2013
    Check in with Maria Kirilenko one last time from the Rogers Cup in Toronto. What did she do after the match? When is she heading to Cincinnati? All that and more - check it out right here.
  • Kirilenko's Blog: Don't Stop

    August 06, 2013
    How did Maria Kirilenko rate her play in her first match of the summer? What advice does she have for young kids who are told they might not be good enough at tennis to make it? Read on...
  • Kirilenko's Blog: Closer To Home

    August 05, 2013
    It has been a banner year for Maria Kirilenko - in the spring she reached her goal, cracking the Top 10 in singles. Check in with the Russian No.2 in her WTA Player Blog from the Rogers Cup!
  • Kirilenko's Blog: Hello, Toronto

    August 04, 2013
    Where did Maria Kirilenko go on holiday after Wimbledon? Where has she been training since then? All that and more as the Russian brings us the WTA Blog from Toronto. Send your questions in!
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