WTA Insider | With all the buzz surrouding Serena Williams, the new World No.1 sets the broken records straight in a small pool interview with reporters after her Aussie Open win.
WTA Staff

MELBOURNE, Australia - Following her record-breaking 23rd Grand Slam triumph at the Australian Open, newly re-crowned World No.1 Serena Williams sat down with a small pool of reporters after her non-stop media duties, reflecting on her fortnight and look ahead at what's to come:

Q: Setting aside Slam No.23, World No.1, how do you assess your two weeks here in Melbourne? How do you feel it sets you up for 2017?
Serena: I feel like my game is good. I was thinking yesterday on the practice court, 'Gosh, I'm playing better than I have, maybe ever.' I'm moving better - I've always been a fast mover, but I kind of stopped moving in the middle [of my career] thinking, 'I don't really have to move.' But I was like, man, I'm hitting pretty well. So it felt pretty good to know that I'm playing better. I'm here to take this game pretty seriously.

Q: What's the key difference? Is it a physical thing or a mental thing?
Serena: I don't know. Every year I sit down with Patrick, and look at the things I want to improve. I want to do something better, and so we sat down this year to do the same thing. We said we wanted to do better, and we did better; we don't want to stop, we want to continue to do better.

Q: Did being No.2 motivate you at all to want to get back here and play your best? Did it piss you off?
Serena: It didn't piss me off. I didn't deserve to be No.1; I think Kerber played unbelievable. She was the most consistent, and she definitely deserved to have that position. That's one thing about me, that when credit's due, you have to give a person credit. She absolutely deserved it; it looked weird, because I never felt like No.2, but I think she definitely deserved to be No.1, she played well.

Q: We saw the genius of your father expressed this week. What was so special about him? What did he bring to your family, and as a dad?
Serena: Well, he's brought everything. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him; this was his vision. It's literally his vision, and he wrote this. He knew this would happen, us playing each other for yet another Grand Slam. He gave us the best games possible, that we could always build on; he gave us the best techniques possible. It's crazy, really crazy. Another thing that's so great is how our family is so important, and realizing that above all, we have to put each other first, way in front of a tennis ball. I think that's something that I've always been able to appreciate. The older you get, the more you appreciate this.

Q: This is still very fresh, but after a performance, like that, how many more Slams do you think you can win?
Serena: I don't think about that any more. At the next Grand Slam, I'm going to request you guys not to ask me about it again, because I just have to take it a day at a time [laughing].

I've been saying this since this tournament began: this is a bonus for me. I don't have anything to prove; I don't have to win another match. I can just relax, and that's what I'm doing now. I'm going out there, relaxing and playing hard. I'm just enjoying my time, like this little fly over here [Note: A fly was buzzing around the small interview room].

Q: Talking about the last couple of years, you've been saying you have nothing to prove, and playing with house money. It seems like this tournament has been the one where you really lived that, as opposed to the last few tournaments where you've felt the tension.
Serena: I've been trying to live it for quite some time, but I definitely agree. I was really able to do it at this tournament. I've been trying to do it, and trying and trying. I don't know why it worked now. I think having to play those matches in the first two rounds, I was like, 'I have no choice but to be better.'

I was really just ok with, not losing, but I knew that I didn't have to win here to make my career. For whatever reason, that settled with me this time. I don't know why; I wish I could tell you, but I want to know because I definitely want to do it again next time. I need to figure that one out.

Q: By regaining the No.1 spot, do you think trying to stay No.1 will be more of a priority, and will you play extra tournaments outside of the regular schedule?
Serena: I don't know. I honestly was thinking, 'I should go to Dubai and try to get my No.1 ranking back.' I had no idea I was going to be No.1 after this. I was thinking about it, but I'm enjoying my time on the court, my game, the style I'm playing. It's been kind of refreshing, and I definitely want to keep the momentum going. I don't know; I'm going to go home, take a deep breath, and then start from there.