We asked you if you thought Serena Williams could break the record for most Grand Slam titles, be it Steffi Graf's Open Era record or Margaret Court's all-time record. Here's what some of you said...
WTA Staff

Yes, she can do it! Serena is awesome!! As long as her health is intact and she keeps her passion for tennis it can be achieved!
~ Jacquenette

I have no doubt Serena can win a total of 24 Grand Slams before she retires, providing she stays healthy and motivated. She would have to do it in the next three years because I have a feeling that, after then, Madison Keys would be the reigning queen.
~ Paulinus

I have no doubt that Serena will surpass Graf's 22 Grand Slam titles. However, Margaret Court's 24 Slams is like reaching the peak of Mount Everest. Nevertheless, wearing an appropriate oxygen mask, compounded with a super fit body, she will reach that height.
~ Winston

Of course she can. I think her goal is probably between 25 and 30. Out of the reach of anyone presently in the modern game.
~ Marc

Oh yes Serena can achieve anything she puts her mind to. Injury is her biggest obstacle and she has proven that she can beat all of her peers. GO SERENA, we love you. My kids just love her.
~ Evette

I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only will Serena surpass Steffi's record she will either equal or surpass Margaret's record.
~ Bridgett

Serena absolutely can get to 22 but I just hope she doesn't feel the pressure too much and stays fit and healthy. The main thing though is that she is still playing at 32, against all odds, and that is just a blessing and a gift to all of us. One day she will be truly missed.
~ Pelayo

I think she can if she stays healthy and motivated. She is an awesome player. There is really no one to stop her now but herself. I believe she will make it to the 20s.
~ Terrance

I hope that Serena reaches 24. That would be really awesome, especially since the men's record could possibly be broken as well. It would be appropriate for Serena, perhaps the most athletic and gifted player, to hold the record. As Lindsay Davenport said, "She does things on court that no one else has ever done." She is always exciting to watch even when she wins ugly. Go Serena!!! Get 18 at the 2014 AO.
~ Denise

Yes. She is at 17 now. Realistically I think she can win at least three a year. The first round loss at Roland Garros two years ago was a fluke. She is healthy and if she remains so can get to 23 by 2015. A Grand Slam would be nice this year.
~ Marvin

YES! The only thing stopping her from that record is her mind. I hope and pray that she is able to get there because of what she has brought to the game of tennis. I remember the first time I ever watched a match of hers when I was eight years old and she played Steffi in the Indian Wells final. She drew me in and I have been a fan ever since. Serena has changed the game and it is almost fitting that she would break the record.
~ Jake

Of course she can break that record. If she stays motivated she will get to 22 and maybe to 24 because no one is getting in her way, no one can beat her right now. She's on top of her game!!
~ Joao

Yes indeed, I do feel that she will finish with 25 plus! Also, I see her completing her 35th birthday on tour.
~ Nash

The day I start doubting Serena, is the day she will retire. By then, she will have completed her Career Slam boxed set (she only needs the mixed in Melbourne and Paris) and retire with over 25 singles Slams. Expect Serena to play doubles well into her 40s.
~ Warren

I've heard that Serena wants to play at least until the next Olympics. So assuming she plays another three years and stays healthy I think she'll have a good chance of reaching Steffi Graf's Open Era record of 22 Grand Slams.
~ Ronnie