Getting To Know... Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis' Indian Wells run may have come to an unlucky end, but not before she had time to record a maiden Top 10 win and enjoy a chance run-in with an all-time great.

Published March 14, 2014 12:14

Getting To Know... Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis

INDIAN WELLS, CA, USA - An untimely stomach bug may have brought Lauren Davis' Indian Wells adventure to a rather anticlimactic conclusion, but not before she had time to announce herself to the tennis world with a win over a certain Victoria Azarenka.

This run in the desert followed a promising start to the year Down Under and will push Davis ever closer to a Top 50 debut. And things are going just as swimmingly off the court for the 20-year-old, who capped a memorable week with an impromptu introduction to Roger Federer whilst chatting with wtatennis.com.

How did you start playing tennis?
I'd really played every other sport in the book, so I thought I might as well try out tennis! One of my mom's really good friends was a tennis pro and I was just hanging around one day, messing around on court, and she thought I had quite a bit of talent.

Can you tell us a little bit about your family?
My mom is a nurse, in Cleveland, and her name is Traci, and my dad is called Bill and he's a doctor in Wisconsin. I have an older brother, he's 22, his name is Billy and he goes to the University of Wisconsin.

Can you talk about your coaching history?
I'm with Juan Todero from the USTA at the moment and we've been together since the US Open. Before that I was at the Chris Evert Academy. I also worked with Carlos Zapata for about two and a half years and he played a really big role in my development.

How would you describe your playing style?
I move very well and I'm very quick. I know I'm not that tall, but I have a lot of racquet head speed and generate a lot of power. I do make a lot of balls, but when I get the chance I'm aggressive.

Do you have any unusual training methods?
Not really, but I take a lot of care about my diet. My dad wrote the book Wheat Belly and also the foreword for Djokovic's new book and that's actually how I introduced myself to Djokovic - I was so excited! I base all my nutritional routine from his books, so I don't eat any wheat and I stay away from carbs, as well, and eat a lot of proteins and saturated fats.

Who were your tennis idols when you were growing up?
Kim Clijsters. She was not only and amazing player but she was also an incredible person - so humble and down to earth and very balanced. When I played Fed Cup three years ago, she took the time to go out of her way and introduce herself - that really meant a lot to me.

Who has been your toughest opponent?
That's a good question! I played Suárez Navarro last year and lost really badly - she just made so many balls and is hard to beat. Alizé Cornet too - I had a really tough match with her last year.

What is the best memory of your career so far?
Here in Indian Wells. Beating Azarenka here was probably the best feeling I've had. It was really nice.

What are your goals in tennis?
To become Top 5 in the world.

What's your favorite surface, tournament and city?
I think my favorite city is Paris, and that may actually also be my favorite tournament! I love Cincinnati too because it's in Ohio and that's basically where I'm from. I like every surface.

How far did you go in your education?
I just graduated high school a year and a half ago. I'm going to start a college course online. I really like writing, so maybe I'll do something with journalism or English.

What do you like to do for fun?
I like being around people. I'm a people person, I guess. I love to read, I like movies. I live with my cousin and I love hanging out with them - we live on the Intracoastal so we like to go boating.

Do you have a favorite book, film or song?
One of my favorite books is Unbroken. It's about this guy Louis Zamperini and how he survived two years on a raft in the middle of the ocean after his plane crashed in the Second World War. I think Bridesmaids is my favorite. One of my favorite songs to listen to is Fighter by Gym Class Heroes.

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

If you weren't a tennis player, what would you be doing now?
I've never really thought about that before. I really have no idea! Maybe something with sports, like sports management.

Is there anything else you'd like people to know about you?
I guess just about my faith. I've always been really strong in my faith and that's really important to me.

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?
I'm not sure. *Roger Federer walks past* Maybe Roger!

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