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Getting To Know... Julia Boserup

After an injury-ravaged few years, former Orange Bowl winner Julia Boserup is back on tour and starting to make an impression.

Published April 05, 2014 12:11

Getting To Know... Julia Boserup
Julia Boserup

MONTERREY, México - Although her run finally came to an end in Friday's quarterfinals, Julia Boserup did her reputation - and ranking - no harm with her showing at the Monterrey Open.

Boserup first caught the eye when winning the Orange Bowl as teenager and after an injury-ravaged few years now looks set to fulfil her potential in the senior ranks.

After her quarterfinal, wtatennis.com tracked down the 22-year-old to talk about where she came from and where she is heading.

Can you tell us about your hometown and where you grew up?
I grew up in Los Angeles but now I live in Newport Beach, California. I love living there!

Can you tell us a little bit about your family?
Both my parents are from Denmark, so I have dual citizenship and speak Danish. The country is very close to my heart, as my whole family lives there and my sister just moved there, so I try to get back as much as I can to visit them. My dad is a mediator arbitrator and my mom used to be, but now she has her hands full with me! My sister is in Copenhagen now where she is an analyst for McKinsey & Company. I also have a half-brother and half-sister, who live in California as well.

How did you start playing tennis?
I started playing when I was six, when I would tag along with my sister who was playing. I liked it straight away and ever since then I've been playing.

Can you talk about your current coaching setup?
When I was younger, my first coach was Robert Lansdorp. Growing up, he taught me all my strokes and then when I was 13 I moved to Florida, trained with the USTA there for a few years, and now I'm based at the USTA training center in Carson, California, which is really nice because it's close to home and I can be with my family as well. I work under Leo Azevedo - he's my main coach but they also have loads of other great staff members who help me out as well.

Who were your tennis idols when you were growing up?
I always looked up to Elena Dementieva, just because we have similar game styles and she was always really classy - she was always my favorite!

What's the best memory of your career to date?
Probably winning Orange Bowl when I was 17. That was a pretty big moment for me, but hopefully my best moments are to come!

How would you describe your playing style?
I'm a pretty aggressive player - I like to go for big shots. I'm mostly working on just being aggressive and trying to control the points, and also my movement, my fitness and developing my serve into a weapon.

What sort of off-court training do you do?
Just the normal - a lot of hours in the gym and working closely with my trainer to keep my body strong and prevent future injuries. The last few years I've had quite a few injuries. I had a back injury that sidelined me for eight months last year and while this was unfortunate I think everything happens for a reason and it gave me some time to spend with my family and reset a little bit, which I was grateful for. Now I'm just happy to be back and healthy.

Who travels with you on tour at the moment?
Right now, I'm on my own, coaching-wise, on the road, but I'm really lucky that my mom can come with me - we have a great relationship and have a ton of fun on the road.

What's your favorite surface and tournament?
My favorite surface is hardcourt and my favorite tournament is Indian Wells.

What are your short and long-term goals?
My short and long-term goals are just to keep improving, stay healthy and just give it everything I have to see how far I can go.

What do you do to relax away from the court?
In my free time I spend a lot of time doing homework. I go to Penn State University, but I take all my classes online. I'm more than halfway through my bachelor's degree in psychology, which I started about three years ago, and that keeps me pretty busy! I always have in the back of my mind, like, 'Oh, my assignment's due on Sunday night', but I actually like this because it gives me something else to think about when I'm not playing tennis and I also love learning.

What would you be doing if you weren't a tennis player?
Oh, I'd be a doctor. I don't know what type of doctor, but I've always just kind of wanted to be one!

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