Something Completely Different... Part V

What happens to all of those questions that have nothing to do with the match? We asked them. Next up... favorite board game?

Published November 18, 2009 12:00

Something Completely Different... Part V
Uncle Moneybags

Press conferences are excellent for finding out how a player felt they did in their match, their form and what they think of their next opponent - but what about all of those completely unrelated questions? Here is the first of many random questions posed to several of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour's brightest stars.

Do you have a favorite board game?

Bethanie Mattek-Sands: We've tried to play board games. My husband and I set aside a night to play Monopoly, but we never get around to it. I'm super competitive though. When I was younger I'd play with my siblings - it got to the point they'd let me win because I'd throw a fit if I didn't. My sister could beat me at this memory game... but she'd always let me win.

Marion Bartoli: Me, my brother and my dad would play Monopoly until I won. I hate to lose! We'd keep going until 3am if we had to, until everyone was falling asleep. Not me, though. I'd be focusing so much. I like cards, too - Blackjack, Poker... They'd let me use my pocket money, 10 dollars a week, and we'd play Poker. I'd try to win all of my brother's money. During the summer holidays we'd play Poker until 9/10pm and then play basketball. It's all about competition!

Vania King: I play Monopoly the most often.

Nadia Petrova: I've been learning Backgammon.

Aleksandra Wozniak: When I was little I use to play so many different games, but I loved Monopoly.

Michaella Krajicek: Monopoly.

Elena Dementieva: We bought Monopoly this year. I really wanted to play it with my brother and his friends. I was surprised how complicated it was though! You have to be smart to understand the rules. We were stuck in the beginning. But we'll figure it out eventually... for now it's on hold!

Sabine Lisicki: I like the game Sorry! I also like card games. You can carry them around when you travel... I usually want to win but I try to relax and enjoy it. Monopoly takes a lot of time to play but if you can do it, it's really fun.

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