Something Completely Different... Part IX

What happens to all of those questions that have nothing to do with the match? We asked them. Next... ever gotten lost?

Published December 10, 2009 12:00

Something Completely Different... Part IX

Press conferences are excellent for finding out how a player felt they did in their match, their form and what they think of their next opponent - but what about all of those completely unrelated questions? Here is the first of many random questions posed to several of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour's brightest stars.

Have you ever gotten lost when travelling?

Vera Zvonareva: One year I drove from Charleston to New York but instead of getting there at 7pm I got there at 1am. I had to backtrack a few times... I stopped at a lot of gas stations. And nobody was with me to help!

Patty Schnyder: I got lost when I was jogging in the Wimbledon village. I didn't know my address! It should have been a cool down but it ended up being a nightmare. I didn't have my phone with me either. Luckily I found someone to direct me back to Wimbledon, then I figured my way back from there...

Katarina Srebotnik: For sure I missed a turn here and there while driving a car, but other than that I always arrived to the planned destination :)

Ana Ivanovic: I have pretty good orientation but of course I've been lost when visiting new cities.

Aleksandra Wozniak: I have gotten lost a few times but the last time was driving in Montréal with my friends. Funny right?! I should know it since I live just outside the city but I'm almost never home and forget some turns.

Cara Black: Yes, I have gotten lost a lot of times in the car when we have been travelling... I have a terrible sense of direction!

Liezel Huber: No. I make sure to get good directions before I leave!

Michaella Krajicek: No, not yet. I'm very organized and always study my travel plans before leaving home, so things like that don't happen to me.

Vania King: No, but there was one time I was with my sister in London and we went to see Les Miserables. Afterwards it was really late, so only certain trams were working. We found out that her tram ticket only went to certain areas, not including the area we were staying at, and we had spent our last two pounds to buy Coke at the theater. We were seriously contemplating begging for money (of course we didn't bring our wallets or credit cards) but luckily, we found out we could take several buses to get into another area which would take us into another tram station which would take us to where we wanted to go.

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