Chris Evert Fan Tributes

What did you admire about Chris Evert? Share your memories of the all-American great!

Published January 01, 2010 12:00

Chris Evert Fan Tributes
Chris Evert

"Pursed lips, narrowed eyes, two hands gripping the racket. Chris Evert always showed sheer determination and concentration. Her records of consistency speak for themselves. She won and lost with grace. She was a leader on the Tour and also a follower as she reinvented herself in the '80s to keep up with Martina. In my opinion, no professional player, man or woman, can match her."
- Andrew Parfitt, Toronto, Canada

"Being five years her junior, I remember I first began playing at age 11 because she was a role model for myself and my elementary school peers. It sparked my friends and I to join our local recreational tennis league, and later our high school and college teams. Now, forty years later my passion for the game has never waned. In fact, it's my lifeblood! I owe my love for the world's best life long sport to Christine Evert - America's greatest all-time female tennis player."
- Madeline Finch, Lacey Township, NJ, USA

"Chrissie defined a new generation of players. Maria, Venus, Serena, Elena, Kim, Jennifer - any player who held her racket with two hands has to pay tribute to the gutsy American who set the trend all the way back in the 1970s. I am just 18 and I a never saw her matches live, but I grew up watching Martina and Chrissie on tape. I am enthralled by their rivalry and to say that one could have been this great without the other is impossible. Chrissie was the consumate professional and I still think that her 1985 win against Martina at Roland Garros is the finest tennis match I have ever seen. I wish I could have seen her, really, at her peak instead of on tape. As it is, she is a player who will always be remembered fondly."
- Ibtisam Ahmed, Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Chris was the first person I ever idolised, and I wouldn't idolise another until Justine Henin came along. We know that Billy Jean King said of Henin, "pound for pound she is the best player of her generation." I agree with her, but I have to say that no tennis player male or female has ever got more out of their ability and weaknesses more than Chris did. I see similarities in Evert and Henin: Both disadvantaged in stature and strength, in comparison to their respective counterparts, yet both having incredible defensive skills. Chris's concentration on the court was second to none. Her backhand, dropshots, and lobs were so consistently brilliant. And let's not forget all made with a small surfaced wooden racket. It would be interesting to see what the unforced error v-s winners, of players of today, if they used Chris's old Wilson racket. I can only say thankyou for the memories which I will never forget. It was a privilege to have lived in the same era, so that I could watch such mastery."
- Annmarie Poole, Perth, Australia

"I can remember watching Chris playing in the 1989 Wimbledon quarterfinal against Laura Golarsa and coming back from the brink. Being a big supporter of hers I was on the edge of my seat and can still picture the remarkable running down the line shot she pulled off. Stunning! She went on to lose to Steffi Graf in the semifinal in her final match at The Championships."
- Richard Arnott, Leeds, United Kingdom

"Wills-Moody; Lenglen; Connelly; Court; King; Navratilova; Graf; Seles; Williams; Tilden; Budge; Laver; Ashe; Connors; Borg; McEnroe; Sampras; Agassi; Nadal; Federer....not even ONE of them has a better win/loss percentage (.900); slams finals (34)/semi-finals (52) reached; consecutive year slams won (13); single surface winning streak (125); year-end ranking consistency (never lower than 4th); first to reach 1000 match wins...and the records continue. Plus she was president of her own players union and a fan/press favorite bar-none. My memory... being present at Super Saturday, the 1984 US Open women's final. The crowd's reaction when Chrissie won the first set was near pandemonium. It was like a European soccer crowd moment. I now know that I had to watch, in person, Chris experience nearly the worst loss of her entire career in order for her to rebound for the most satisfying, her 1985 French Open win. One name will sit higher and longer in the record books and fans memory: Evert."
- Scott Kennedy, San Francisco, CA, USA

"Having followed Chris through the years and attending many of her matches, clearly there was no one else as consistent day in day out as she was. While there are many superlatives attached to her, I believe "simply the best" sums it up! And may I add that while many matches will be remembered, her 1989 US Open fourth round match, where she dismantled Monica Seles, was a sheer tribute to Chris's resolve."
- Scott Campbell, Pendleton, IN, USA

"Chris Evert remains my all time favorite female tennis player. Always gracious, a quality that isn't in vogue in our often rude world, she also made the feminist movement palatable through the vehicle of tennis for millions of fans. She and Martina Navratilova, to quote Frank Deford, comprised the best rivalry in the history of sports."

- JL Jones, New York, NY, USA

"I agree with (television commentator) Dick Enberg that Chris Evert's picture should be mounted next to the Kipling quotation at the players' entrance to center court, 'If we can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same..." She personified that statement to a 'T'. We are better for having her in our lives."
- Jerry L Butler, Wadmalaw Island, SC, USA 

"I was a young boy when I first saw Chris Evert on TV in the early '80s. I instantly felt something strong about her, didn't know what it was at the time. I followed her till the end of her career. To me she embodied - and still does - grace and perfection. I remember watching her finals against Navratilova and I would end up crying sometimes when she lost. She is a real lady."
- Laurent Fournier, Paris, France

"I remember Chris Evert as a very female tennis star! I followed her during the last 10 years of her career and was invited on to a Dutch television show/quiz to answer questions about her. I was touched by her the way she played; the way she behaved on the court."
- Peter Derks, Netherlands

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