Margaret Court Fan Tributes

What do you remember about the most prolific champion in tennis history?

Published January 27, 2010 12:00

Margaret Court Fan Tributes
Margaret Court presented the trophy to 2010 Australian Open champion Serena Williams.

"Margaret Court and Frank Sedgeman were my heroes while growing up and playing tennis in Perth, Australia. I was left with two impressions by these two players. Sedgeman instilled in me the desire to want to play tennis at a high level into my later years. I now coach fulltime and play when my body allows me being willing to compete with young men I am two to three times older than. Court's level of conditioning and atheticism was the driving force behind my fitness level my entire life. I will never forget watching her do kangaroo jumps back and forth over the net and thinking, 'I want to be able to do that.' My fitness far surpassed my tennis abilities but helped me play at a high level. I will have to say a lot of my style was forged from watching Margaret along with the slew of Aussie players from the sixties and seventies. Kudos to Harry Hopman for 'fathering' this talent of players."
- Ron Williams, Perth, Australia (transplanted in Charleston, West Virginia)

"The biggest compliment that one can say about Court is she played like her male counterparts from Australia of that era - they had big serves, big forehands, moved forward and knocked off volleys. The Mother's Day match with Riggs was interesting, and said a lot about Court and her nerves. For me, Evert is still the best ever because day-to-day she didn't break down and her body healed quickly from injuries. I would put Court in second place with Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova - on given days they would beat Evert, but they all had more off days when low-ranked players would beat them."
- Kevin Kauffman, USA

"Margaret was the first supreme tennis athlete. She played at a time when there was none of the media hoopla that surrounds any sport today, and she excelled because of the love of her sport. Of course, every great athlete has a rival. For Court, that was Billie Jean King. Their's was not the 20-plus match rivalry that has been seen so many times. Nor was it really evenly split, with Court winning five of their seven encounters. But those matches were among the most enthralling in the entire sport. The 1970 Wimbledon final is probably the best example."
- Ibtisam Ahmed, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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