Billie Jean King Fan Tributes

What does Billie Jean King mean to her fans?

Published March 26, 2010 12:00

Billie Jean King Fan Tributes
Billie Jean King

"Billie is my idol! I love her... I love what she stands for; what she has accomplished and the amazing person she is! I love you Billie! You are my hero! You are just awesome!"
- Liezel Huber, four-time Grand Slam doubles champion and reigning co-world No.1, Houston, TX, USA

"Billie Jean King was, is and always will be the warrior princess of women's tennis, women's sport and women's rights… Thanks for all, Billie Jean!
- Pilar Rodriguez, Valladolid, Spain

"In the Battle of the Sexes match against Bobby Riggs, Billie Jean courageously proved in front of millions of people that women can compete in sports, handle pressure, thrive in competitive situations and be treated as equals. I cited King (as well as Chris Evert) in my doctoral paper that evaluated the Title IX statute, which mandated that all US federally-funded schools provide equal spending to females in schools for things such as sports, and was being honed during this period. I spent a number of months researching and analyzing Title IX, and the impact King had is very clear. She paved the road to females having a profession in sports, all sports. Billie Jean is a tennis and sports hero to me!"
- Kevin Kauffman, Los Angeles, CA, USA

"I love Billie Jean - she did so much for women in sports. I used to be a jock, myself, so she was and remains one of my real heros. I got to meet her once at a tennis tournament, shook her hand, and never washed that hand again. OK, I washed it, but I didn't want to."
- Kitty Barber, East Arlington, MA, USA

"I met Ms. King in 2007 at the WTT 'Nationals' event at Indian Wells. I saw her in the resort parking lot and shyly asked if I could say hello. She graciously shook my hand and introduced herself to my teammates and asked us where we were from. When we said Ottawa, she immediately made up a team name for us, Ottawa Beauts (or was it Buttes? I didn't like to ask… I was tongue-tied anyway.) And when our teammate joined us after registering us at the hotel, wondering whether to approach, Ms. King very thoughtfully went up to him and introduced herself. That memory touches me still. She was generous with her time, even though she was obviously heading somewhere, and genuinely interested in us."
- Susan Simmons, Ottawa, Canada

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