Quotes on Monica

What have Monica Seles' fellow players and other tennis insiders said about her?

Published June 05, 2010 12:00

Quotes on Monica
Monica Seles

"I'm just lucky I got to do something I love to do, and I'm hoping in my second life, as I call it, I can find something that I'm as passionate about as I was about tennis. It's really that simple for me."
- Monica Seles, from her Hall of Fame induction speech in 2009, during which she let out her infamous grunt "just for ol' time sake".

"I loved her powerful game. She was always in the court, being aggressive. She was a big fighter. Obviously in Serbia they showed a lot of matches because she was raised in Novi Sad, so I think that's why I fell in love with her game and started playing and trying to be aggressive as she was."
- Ana Ivanovic, speaking shortly after Seles announced her retirement in 2008.

"I got the opportunity to play against her a few times, I didn't manage to beat her but I did get a few games! At least I can say at the end of my career that I played Monica. She's a wonderful inspiration, I think she's still a great role model for young kids that are growing up."
- Maria Sharapova, speaking after Seles' retirement.

"No matter how badly she would beat me in a match, she always had a kind word to say. It was usually something like, 'Don't worry Mary Joe, it was a great match. I got a little lucky today.' She got lucky about 15 times in a row!"

- Mary Joe Fernandez, speaking at Seles' Hall of Fame induction.

"She will not accept that she can't do something, and she'll spend 40, 50, 70 hours working just to get one shot. I used to tell her: 'Your boyfriend is your Prince ball machine', she spent so much time with the thing. You can't yell at her, and she's stubborn; you have to do a lot of proving if she doesn't agree with you. But I find it very difficult to pick out any weakness in her or her game."
- Nick Bolletieri, quoted in an interview when Seles trained at his academy in the 1980s.

"I marveled at how happy she seemed on and off the court, I marveled at the great relationship she had with her dad. And then with the stabbing and her father's death, her life turned upside-down… She's come out of it all with a lot of dignity, learned some hard lessons, but has had a lot of grace throughout all these episodes. She could have won 10 more Grand Slam events. I think she was robbed, shortchanged in the tennis department, but it helped her personally. She grew up and found herself and became a better person because of it."
- Chris Evert

"I thought she would have been the greatest."
- Legendary tennis commentator Bud Collins, writing on his web blog in 2009.

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