Monica Seles Fan Tributes

Her grunting polarized opinion in the early days, but by the time she retired it seemed Monica Seles was universally adored.

Published June 05, 2010 12:00

Monica Seles Fan Tributes
Monica Seles

"I was only 7 or 8 when I started watching tennis. My father loved this new girl's game so I gave it a whirl. Her name was Monica Seles. Simply put, Monica is the reason I picked up the sport of tennis. She was just an inspiration to watch on and off the court. Monica would leave everything out there and attack every single shot with such vigor. This attitude made crowds want to cheer and opponents want to gasp in desperation. She is a class act and while the Tour is full of players playing a variation of her style of power tennis, there will never be another Monica."
- Jarrett Zarate, Laguna Niguel, CA, USA

"Monica is a great, great champion; in spite of all her troubles she always came back with the smile and with the passion of the game. She revolutionized the tennis 'rules' with her game. To me she's a great example of tenacity and dignity. Today I truly believe she's really happy in her life and at peace with herself. In this society, where image is everything, Monica Seles represents the perfect example of humility and intelligence. Throughout her great career she improved her game and herself. When I was a kid and a teenager I watched her matches with happiness and anxiety, I found in her a positive example with this motto 'everything possible'. Thank you Monica for all the memories, you are a wonderful woman. I wish you all the best in your life."
- Ludo, Bordeaux, France

"I really cannot describe how much I love Monica... I started watching tennis and become an amateur tennis player because of her. For me, the most impressive match was the final match of the 1998 French Open; when I became aware of the story behind the scenes I was deeply touched. I have collected most of her major matches on video, and always hoped that she would collect her tenth Grand Slam championship. Although, that hope has not been realized and Monica retired in 2008, what is more important than her happiness? I understand her choice. Till now when watching tennis, my mind is still full of Monica's game scenarios... I was inspired!"
- Geoffrey Li, Beijing, China

"As much as I loved Evonne Goolagong, Chris Evert, Stefan Edberg, and Ivan Lendl during their tennis heydays, Monica Seles is the only tennis great whose picture (during a match) still hangs on a wall in my den. That's my tribute to Monica."
- Fred Hunter, Chicago, USA

"When I hear the name Monica Seles, the first thing that comes to mind is 'champion'. A tennis great who's full potential was never truly fulfilled (imagine if it had been), my dad was the one who braught Monica to my attention. I remember him telling me the story of how she was number one and she was stabbed because she was the best, which is absurd and really tragic. Nine slams is a great accomplishment but she was better than that. Yet Monica never complained, never said 'what if' or 'if only', she carried on and fought until her very last match. She's a true champion, not only on the tennis court but in the hearts of many, many tennis fans worldwide. I miss that Monica Grunt :) She will be remembered as the greatest by many, including myself. i can only say good luck to her for whatever the future holds."
- Jamie Owen, Wales

"What a player! Monica Seles - her two-fisted, angled forehand (and backhand), her shrieks, her charm, her innocence, her delight - every bit of her game and presence instilled a sense of envy in people. How could someone so used to success love winning more and more, each time she scored a victory? And not just in a final. No, every match she won seemed to make her grin go wider and wider. It was nothing short of a disaster and a crime took Monica away from the sport for a few years. Her tennis seemed to have lost a bit of the old spark when she got back, but, she still had the same fighting spirit that endeared to competitors and fans alike. Miss you, Monica. Love you more."
- Ibtisam Ahmed, Dhaka, Bangladesh

"I loved watching Monica from the moment I saw her, around 1991. Her concentration, drive and knowledge of using the entire court and its angles was ridiculously amazing. I could pour on more superlatives but the one thing I wanted to note comes from watching the 1993 Aussie Open Final vs. Graf recently, as a classic match on Tennis Channel. It was sad to see even then, at the height of her powers, how much her grunting and who knows what else bothered spectators: on most of her points won, the crowd could barely muster a hurrah. It's a shame fans didn't realize they were watching something special. All the best to Monica for any and all endeavours she takes on from here on out."
- Ian Boyd, Dunedin, New Zealand

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