Stats Corner: Wimbledon Final Analysis

A statistical breakdown of Saturday's showdown between Petra Kvitova and Maria Sharapova.

Published July 01, 2011 06:01

Stats Corner: Wimbledon Final Analysis
Petra Kvitova

LONDON, England - In predicting a winner for the Wimbledon final, head to head record is not too helpful, as Petra Kvitova and Maria Sharapova have only played once, and it was on hardcourts, with Sharapova prevailing in Memphis last year

This in-depth statistical analysis of the finalists may give a better clue of who will be holding the trophy on Saturday:

This Fortnight Kvitova Sharapova
Record In Sets 12-2, 85.71% 12-0, 100.00%
Record In Games 81-35, 69.83% 73-32, 69.52%
Time Spent On Court 7 hours, 27 minutes 8 hours, 2 minutes
Average Rank Of Opponent 62 74.5

Career Kvitova Sharapova
WTA Match Record 112-69, 61.88% 370-92, 80.09%
Wimbledon Record 11-3, 78.57% 34-7, 82.93%
Grand Slam Record 28-14, 66.67% 120-29, 80.54%
Record In WTA Finals 4-2, 66.67% 23-12, 65.71%
WTA Record On Grass 15-6, 71.43% 65-12, 84.42%
Record In WTA Grass Finals 0-1, 0.00% 3-2, 60.00%

Notes: Stats include WTA qualifying matches, but not ITF Women's Circuit matches ... Kvitova is 14-10 against Russians in her career, and Sharapova is 10-2 against Czechs.

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