Off-Seasons Of The Stars: Sabine Lisicki

She went from outside the Top 200 to inside the Top 20 in 2011 - she's hoping for even more in 2012.

Published December 25, 2011 12:00

Off-Seasons Of The Stars: Sabine Lisicki
Sabine Lisicki

Some call it the off-season and some call it the pre-season, but for everyone it's the space between. Over the next few weeks you will find out what the stars of the WTA have been doing since the 2011 season ended, as 2012 nears...

Next up, the WTA's Comeback Player Of The Year, Sabine Lisicki...

Did you manage to relax and enjoy some time off?
"I didn't have a lot of time off but I did enjoy it a lot. It was great seeing my friends again! We did a lot of things, including putting together some furniture, which was quiet entertaining!"

Are you working with the same fitness team this year?
"No, I'm doing my off-season in Germany this year. It's a different team around me. We are working hard but are not forgetting it's supposed to be fun as well!"

Why is pre-season training so important for a tennis player?
"It's important because you prepare your body for the next year. The season starts in Australia, where its 40 degrees Celsius, so you better be ready for it."

What are you most looking forward to about the 2012 season?
"I'm simply looking forward to next season and playing in front of my fans again. They've supported me a lot this year! And also to the Olympic Games, which are held in London on grass!!"

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