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Quotable Quotes... Victoria Azarenka

On the eve of her very first Grand Slam final, Victoria Azarenka met the press in Melbourne.

Published January 27, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes... Victoria Azarenka
Victoria Azarenka

MELBOURNE, Australia - She has already broken new ground by reaching the final, but she's not finished yet, at least not by her tone. Victoria Azarenka seems poised to put forth another dazzling display of power tennis in the Australian Open final on Saturday - she spoke to the press on Friday...

On playing in a Grand Slam final...
"It has always been very real for me, but I don't want to jump ahead. Today is a day off, so I would like to enjoy it."

On keeping her nerves in check before the final...
"I relax, try to get my mind off the tennis court. I can do it quite well. Watch a few movies, read a little bit, just something different. I worked hard to be in this situation, so why stress about it?"

On Sharapova...
"She has been in the finals here, she won here, so she's definitely very tough and has a lot of experience. We always have difficult matches so I'm really looking forward to that battle. It's definitely not going to be easy."

On having beaten Sharapova in two finals before...
"In finals anything can happen. You cannot look back. And it's more difficult to play somebody you've beaten before, because they have extra motivation to beat you. What's more motivating than playing in a Grand Slam final right?"

On Australia...
"I won my first Grand Slam here as a junior, so it's always going to be a very special place for me. I also won my first WTA title in Brisbane."

On maturing as a player...
"I used to have meltdowns - you can see some on YouTube. But I grow as a player, I grow as a person, and I try to learn from my mistakes and make it better. I'm proud of what I'm doing. I want to keep going and raising that level."

On her diet...
"You have your own diet and you try to stay professional with everything because diets are what's most important at this level. And fitness-wise, I've been doing a lot of hard work in the gym. It's working out well."

On the noise...
"I hear her and I'm sure she hears me, and maybe another 15,000 people hear us from further away. It doesn't bother me. I respect every opponent. Whatever they do, they're trying their best to do their job. I think that's fair."

On focusing on the tennis and not about No.1...
"It's pretty easy if you don't really think about it. First I think I have a really tough match to play. The trophy or ceremony comes after. Before the match nothing is actually going to happen."

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