Quotable Quotes... Randomness In Dubai

From moms to straight As to staring at the ceiling, the WTA stars discussed it all in Dubai.

Published March 06, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes... Randomness In Dubai
Sabine Lisicki

DUBAI, UAE - The brightest stars of the WTA have arrived at Indian Wells, but it wasn't long ago they were all the way in Dubai, battling it out for another Premier-level title - and some of them answered some unique questions in their press conferences that week. Here are just a few of those answers...

Jelena Jankovic on her mother...
"She's mom. She never really told me how to play on the court, she just supports me in what I do. She's the one who knows me the best, though. No coach will ever know me as well as my mom - that's the truth and the reality. She knows by looking at my face or body language what I'm feeling or going through in the moment. She will always play a huge role - but when it comes to tennis and doing the right things, she leaves that stuff up to the coach."

Ana Ivanovic on how she deals with a loss...
"Sometimes I just stare at the ceiling. You probably just end up listening to music and watching something on TV, or, yeah, staring at the ceiling."

Julia Goerges on the current crop of Germans being compared to Graf...
"Some years ago they always said, 'We don't have any Steffi Grafs anymore.' Steffi is a legend. We don't have to talk about this. We will never achieve what she has achieved - we are just trying to get closer to it. I think we did a pretty good job in the last year, and we've also done very well this year already."

Sam Stosur on changing time zones so often...
"I try and sleep as much as I can on the flights. I think that first day you land somewhere is the most important day. If you get that all right, you're usually going to be okay. At the end of the day it's part and parcel with what we do."

Caroline Wozniacki on her neighbors in Monte Carlo...
"There have been maybe five weeks Vika and I have been there at the same time since we moved there, and Daniela is living down the road as well. And then Novak, he's in the building next to me. I'm living right in the middle.

"We see each other a lot because we practice at the same place and use the same gym. In summers we all go just across the street and you're at the beach. You bump into each other whether you want to or not. It's nice - it's nice to have some friends there and someone to talk to and be around. It's great."

Sabine Lisicki on her interests away from tennis...
"There are many things I'm interested in. I like art a lot. I like design. But I'm also interested in the human body. Through the sport we go through many injuries and health issues, and I learn a lot by talking to the doctors as well. I don't know what I'm going to do afterwards, but I would love to do 10 things!"

... and Sabine Lisicki on school.
"I always wanted to become a tennis player, but I was good at school as well. That was the main reason I couldn't come up earlier. When I had exams at school I wasn't practicing as much because I wanted to have my straight As. I finished the 10th grade, that's the mandatory part in Germany, then you can come back after a year or two max and just go on from where you stopped. That seemed like a good option, because I was ranked No.350 in the world. You never know what's going to happen. Then within a year and a half I was in the Top 50 or 30. From there I didn't go back, but I for sure want to finish. I miss it.

"English was easy. Math, physics, biology, those were my favorite ones."

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