Quotable Quotes... On The Original 9

Venus Williams, Serena Williams and Marion Bartoli talked about the history of the WTA.

Published April 05, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes... On The Original 9
Venus Williams

CHARLESTON, SC, USA - The Original 9 are reuniting at the Family Circle Cup in Charleston this week, and some of today's WTA stars have been commenting on the event... here's a little bit of what they're saying.

Venus Williams on her involvement with WTA causes...
"I know a little bit about the history of women's tennis, not all. I read Billie Jean's book, "We Have Come A Long Way". I love that book.

"I feel grateful to have this job. There are times in history where women didn't have equal rights, African-Americans. There's so many people who fought for me to have this oppportunity, so the fact it's the 40-year anniversary is very special. I'll be there to celebrate it. Even if I have a match, I want to take part."

Venus Williams on what has made tennis the biggest women's sport...
"Billie Jean King. Three words. Everyone who believed, all the people who got on board in the beginning, it was something special. Tennis is a special sport."

Serena Williams on the history of the WTA...
"I love history, and I think in order to do really well, you have to know where you've come from. Whether that's your racial background or your profession, you want to know what happened in the past so you can help things continue to move forward and learn about the Original 9 and all they did for tennis. Not only tennis, just women's sports in general. That's why tennis really stands out among all female sports, because these nine ladies took a stand and said, 'We want this, and we want this to happen for us and for our tour,' and now look at us. I think we're the premier sport for all females. "I'm really honored they did that. It opened so many doors for me and for every player that's playing now."

Marion Bartoli on the Original 9...
"Those nine women were so inspiring. It's because they fought for us that we are here and have women's tennis is where it is right now, the highest sport for women. Billie Jean is a very good friend of mine, and she always e-mails or texts me when I get a great win - it's really sweet of her, and I'm always taking the time to reply. She's such an inspiration for all of us. She's so strong, and she really set the tone for women. I remember the match she played against the man and got the win, and that's basically why we're here now. We all have to remind ourselves of this and be thankful for her and everything she has done."

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