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Quotable Quotes... Charleston Chatter

On-court demeanor, green or red clay, winning the French Open... all that and more right here.

Published April 06, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes... Charleston Chatter
Polona Hercog

CHARLESTON, SC, USA - Some of the WTA's biggest stars and some of its bright new faces have been meeting the press at the Family Circle Cup over the last few days, talking about everything from keeping calm to green clay...

Sam Stosur on her calm on-court demeanor...
"Sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you've got to fight yourself to portray that, but at the moment, in the last few months, it has come pretty easily to me. I think I'm in a good space right now - I know exactly what I want to be doing, and if I'm doing the right things but missing it, it doesn't bother me, because I know that's the way I'm going to win more matches. At the moment I'm pretty even emotionally out there. Of course there are moments of frustration or disappointment, but if you can step up to the line and clear that before the next point starts, then it doesn't really matter."

Polona Hercog on her first Top 10 win - she won four games in a row from 4-2 down in the third to beat Marion Bartoli Thursday, 64 16 64...
"I've played Marion a lot of times before and just told myself I'm not giving her this one this time, because I lost all our previous matches. I wasn't giving up. I kept believing. I had a few percent of energy in myself and thought I was just going to go for it. Whatever happens happens. It turned out really well for me."

Polona Hercog on turning her season around in Charleston...
"I'm just trying to go match by match, play point by point. I haven't had a very good beginning of the season, and I'm just trying to get some matches in, some wins under my hat, because that's how you start to feel the confidence."

Sabine Lisicki on green clay...
"To be honest, at the very beginning I hated playing on green clay. On the first practice when I practiced in Florida five or six years ago, I didn't like it. But eventually I started to like it a lot, and now I feel comfortable with it. It's a little hard to handle the surface, but after experience on it, I love it now.

"Green clay is a bit slower and you can get stuck easily. On red you can slide better. But it depends. When it's hot here, then you're sliding too. Some courts are really fast, and some are very slow, so it really depends on the court."

Sabine Lisicki on the Olympics...
"I'm really looking forward to going. I have so many friends that went there from different sports, and they just tell me amazing stories, how nice it is and what an experience it is. And it's on grass this year - I have to add that!"

Vera Zvonareva on getting her groove back...
"The most important thing for me is to stay healthy and injury free. At the end of last year I had to miss the Fed Cup final due to my shoulder, and since then I've had quite a few injuries, and I played through them. I started getting better, then I went to Indian Wells and got sick there, and then I had to start from zero again to get that momentum back. But it's something any professional athlete will face throughout their career, and hopefully I can get back to being 100% healthy and playing freely, the way I want to play."

Vera Zvonareva on why she thinks tennis is so popular...
"I really love tennis. I think it's an interesting game. We see a lot of girls trying to be one of the best tennis players in the world, and it's very tough competition, so it brings the best out of us. It's interesting to watch - you see two fighters on the court, and all girls are more athletic now. It's just really interesting."

Serena Williams on whether she's ready to win the French Open again...
"I'm always ready to win the French Open. I love Paris; it's my favorite city in the world, and I hate leaving there. So I'm always ready to win the French Open and I never do. So this will be the 20th year in a row that I'm ready to win."

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