On The Right Track: Peschke & Srebotnik

Katarina Srebotnik missed eight weeks with a hip injury but she and Kveta Peschke are looking up.

Published April 20, 2012 12:00

On The Right Track: Peschke & Srebotnik
Katarina Srebotnik, Kveta Peschke

BESCANCON, France - After ending 2011 as the No.1 team, Kveta Peschke and Katarina Srebotnik made a strong start to 2012, winning Sydney - but disaster struck at the Australian Open as a Srebotnik hip injury caused the team to retire in the second round, and after eight weeks out, they're back.

Peschke and Srebotnik were the No.1 seeds in Melbourne but had to stop mid-way through the first set against Alla Kudryavtseva and Ekaterina Makarova.

"Obviously it was bad luck to get injured in a major, and after such a good start to the year too," Srebotnik said. "We were on a good track to continue the momentum we had last year, but then that happened. I was out for eight weeks - and unfortunately there were other very important tournaments in that time, and it was tough to watch all the other teams playing them while we weren't able to.

"The hip is all good now. I try to take as many positives out of this as I can - I've had some rest time, I'm mentally fresh and energized, and ready to compete again. We have to forget what happened and start from scratch again.

"There's a lot of time left this season - hopefully we will catch up soon!"

Peschke and Srebotnik were in contact the whole time. "Kveta was kind enough to wait for me and not play with anyone else in that period," Srebotnik said. "But I took a little bit longer than I originally thought, so we agreed she would play at Indian Wells without me. I was in Sarasota before Miami and we caught up before coming back together at the Sony Ericsson Open, my first event back.

"The first one back is always shaky, but we've been practicing well since then, and things are feeling good again. We're on the right track."

The first match back was actually a very noteworthy one, despite the fact they lost it - a 64 64 defeat to Gisela Dulko and newly-returned Paola Suárez.

"It was a very tough first round, an unfortunate draw for our first match back," Srebotnik said. "All four of us are Grand Slam champions so it was too bad we didn't get one or two easier rounds to prepare better. We felt our game wasn't completely there but we still made it pretty close, so that's positive.

"Gisela and Paola make a tough team together.

"I've played Paola many times, also in singles, and she's a very, very talented and very good player, in doubles, mixed and singles too. It shows a lot of quality to be able to come back and compete at such a high level after so many years. Not many players who try to come back could be that successful. Good for her!"

The duo made the quarterfinals of Charleston in their second event back.

"What can I say, everything is great in Charleston - the only thing is the mosquitos!" Srebotnik joked. "Because of the water surrounding Charleston there are so many. But the good thing is they keep you moving on the court!"

Next up for Peschke and Srebotnik is Stuttgart this coming week.

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