Quotable Quotes: More From The Terre Battue

How will success change Sara? What does Maria think of her dad's texting? All that and more...

Published June 14, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes: More From The Terre Battue
Sara Errani

PARIS, France - Yesterday wtatennis.com threw together some of the best quotes about on-court goings on at Roland Garros, and today we go off-court.

Sara Errani on how the French Open has changed her outlook...
"I have to think it's not a normal thing for me to make the final of a Grand Slam. I won't expect to make finals now in other tournaments. I played a good two weeks and it was incredible for me, but I just want to keep doing the same thing I was doing, just practicing and trying to improve every day like I always do. So I have to think I will lose in the other weeks. I have to know it."

Svetlana Kuznetsova on the new hairdo...
"My friend does this for me. My coach was really angry after my second match because these things in my hair were falling off and I was taking time to pull it back and fix it. He said if I didn't play well in the next match that he would put - whatever is on his daughter's hair, Hello Kitty - he'd put it in my hair."

Varvara Lepchenko on her name origin...
"I don't know if it means anything, but my dad's grandma was Varvara, and he loved her so much he named me that. I think it's a Greek name. It's very rare. It's not common in Uzbekistan or Russia. You won't see many Varvaras."

Maria Sharapova on Twitter...
"I think it's too much for me. I'm bored with myself on a daily basis, and I think if I'm eating a bowl of pasta, I don't need to let the world know I'm at this restaurant eating a bowl of pasta. That's my opinion now - maybe that can change, but I feel it's too much every day to tweet and write. I write enough texts a day. I can't imagine what it would be like if I tweeted constantly. I'm like, I'm getting arthritis in my thumbs. I already text so much it's embarrassing."

Maria Sharapova on her dad's texting...
"Oh, he can't text. It's useless. He writes half Russian, half English. The words are all mixed up, misspelled... I just ask him to call me. And I try to Skype with him, but that's a nightmare because he doesn't know how to answer. But I talk with him every day, mainly to find out if my dog is still alive."

Li Na on kids in China starting to take up tennis...
"It's good for tennis, because more children will come to the sport. I have so many friends who are coaches in China and they hear about how the kids are playing tennis more and more. But there's never only good or only bad - it's always like half and half. And of course I like the way they have high goals, but if you want to make the goal, you have to work hard, not just use the mouth."

Yaroslava Shvedova on the shades...
"There was some tic in my eye, and since Fed Cup in China it was very tense. I went to the doctor and they said I had a problem with my vision, maybe that's what was giving me problems in night sessions and artificial light. And Oakley did the presciption glasses for me, no problem, and now I play with them."

Virginie Razzano on overcoming personal loss...
"Honestly, the past is the past. I think I've done my mourning. I also worked with someone who helped me make progress and start something else, something new. I felt I was ready to live my life professionally and personally. It was a lot of work but it helped me. It took time, but today I feel good."

Venus Williams on whether this was her last year at Roland Garros...
"Me, no. With my ranking now, I'll definitely get in next year. This is just the beginning for me. This is a process I have to learn a lot from, working with myself, my doctors, everything. I have to be positive. I can't walk out on the court and say, 'Oh my God, this is it.' That's not the way I see it."

Ana Ivanovic on outside courts and small interview rooms...
"We were joking because we just walked into the main interview room and no one was there - then they told us we were in a small one. I said, 'Oh that was ambitious of us walking in the big one.' But really, it doesn't matter."

Ana Ivanovic on what culture intrigues her the most...
"I think Japanese actually. I think they are a lot different to us in terms of their culture, and what is polite for them is different in our culture. Sometimes we are perceived as rude there. So to understand that and actually comprehend there's a lot more to it, it's a lot deeper than people think. I think it's exciting."

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