Quotable Quotes... Clijsters Back & Ready

Kim Clijsters missed the clay court season but returns to action in 's-Hertogenbosch this week.

Published June 16, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes... Clijsters Back & Ready
Kim Clijsters

'S-HERTOGENBOSCH, Netherlands - It hasn't been the easiest 12 months for Kim Clijsters - abdominal and right ankle injuries kept her out for most of the second half of 2011, and left hip, left ankle and right hip injuries have kept her out for most of the first half of 2012. A former No.1, she is now No.50.

But Clijsters has already said these will be the last few months of her career - she is planning to wrap things up at the US Open. And after missing the entire clay court season with that right hip injury, she makes her return to the WTA this week at the UNICEF Open. She taked to the press beforehand...

On the time off since Miami...
"After Miami I was forced to take a few weeks off, which I enjoyed. We were in the States for a few weeks, then I went home and started rehabbing my hip more. I gradually started to build up my workouts, first the physical stuff and eventually pushing the tennis in there. The last four or five weeks I've been training quite intensively - I was even able to come here to Rosmalen to practice a few times on the grass. So I've been around here and Belgium a while now."

On what she did to pass the time in her time off...
"We're started renovating the facility I'm going to use for my academy, and it's improving all the time, which is exciting. As far as my private time, I've really been getting into gardening! We have our own vegetable garden now. We grow a lot of stuff, from leeks to onions, red cabbage, cauliflower, radishes, parsnips, carros, potatoes... quite a lot, and it's fun! I enjoy the whole natural side of life."

On whether she was disappointed to miss Roland Garros...
"I went to Paris to do an event and also saw it on TV, and especially the first few days it was hard. It was just hard to be there as a tourist, seeing everyone going out to practice and prepare for the tournament... but it is what it is... it's a part of sports, so I have to accept it. It wasn't easy to accept though."

On the injury...
"The good thing is I had enough time to let that injury heal. I didn't want to rush to get ready for the clay court season then be out in the grass court season too, which is the mistake I made last year - so I wasn't going to do that again. I'm excited I can start here on grass without too many surface changes in a short time. I'm very excited. I enjoy practicing, but I look forward to matches more."

On coming back this week...
"I want to play as many matches as possible. It has been a while since I played matches, and I want to get a few under my belt here. I have a tough draw though, I play the girl I lost to here last year, so it won't be easy, but I have to try and be better on the day and look for solutions. I need my rhythm back."

On the Olympics...
"I really want to enjoy the Olympics to the fullest. I want to support the other Belgians - I have some friends there so I want to see them perform too. It's the one and only time for me to be a part of the Olympics, so I want to enjoy it."

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