Quotable Quotes... Slava's Golden Set

Yaroslava Shvedova's momentum hit a whole new level against Sara Errani at Wimbledon.

Published July 01, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes... Slava's Golden Set
Yaroslava Shvedova

LONDON, England - On Saturday, June 30, 2012, Yaroslava Shvedova made history by becoming the first woman in the Open Era to win a golden set (and second player, male or female). It was in the first set of her 60 64 upset of French Open finalist Sara Errani. And she was asked about it later on after her mixed doubles match, which, incidentally, she won. Here's a taste...

On finding out about her golden set...
"I had no idea. I was just playing every point and every game. I didn't feel every game was 40-0. I remember the first or second point of the second set she won, and all the people started to clap and scream. I was like, 'What's going on?' I even smiled. I was like, 'Okay, maybe they want to see a good match.'

"In the gym after the match, when I was cooling down, my coach came and told me the stats about me not losing a point. I was like, 'Really? Like not making unforced errors or not losing points?' Not losing a point. It was incredible."

On the stat being confirmed later...
"I still couldn't believe it, I thought they probably made a mistake or something. I went to have a bit of food before my mixed and my manager came to me and she's like, 'They checked the stats. They said it's really true.'"

On whether she knew what the term 'golden set' was before this...

On how it feels to have achieved the rare feat...
"It's very nice. People will remember me a little bit more now."

On having held the previous record for most consecutive points won, winning the first 23 against Amy Frazier at Memphis in 2006...
"I have no idea. I don't remember Memphis, even."

On her tactics in the match against Errani...
"I knew she's European and is used to playing on clay, and she's a great player in general, as well. She had a good Australian Open. But I knew she's not that comfortable on a quick surface, and grass is the quickest. We planned with my coach to open her a lot and play aggressive, and it was very hard for her to play against it, because clay is much slower. I could do more damage."

On her recent surge in results...
"It's about confidence. What I did in the French Open, passing the qualies and making it to the quarterfinals with good matches and good spirit, being fired up and positive. I tried to keep doing that here. I'm just focusing on keeping this spirit and continuing to do what I've been doing. And I'd really like to thank Wimbledon for the wildcard, so I didn't have to go through qualies again.

"My team around me is great. Even if I lose or do mistakes, I'm still positive. It's okay. I have a good wave of tennis right now. I got a lot of confidence from the French Open. I'm just going, doing and doing and doing the same."

On her next match against Serena Williams...
"I have Sunday off and then we play Monday. She had a tough match in the third round. I'll just go on court as I usually do and be positive and just enjoy the game and try to feel and focus on the things that I have to do."

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