Quotable Quotes... The Real No.1s Of Stanford

The two former World No.1s in this week's Bank Of The West Classic field spoke to the press.

Published July 12, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes... The Real No.1s Of Stanford
Jelena Jankovic

STANFORD, CA, USA - Jelena Jankovic and Serena Williams have had some of the fullest careers of anyone in Stanford this week - or of anyone in WTA history, for that matter. And they both spoke to the local press ahead of the tournament about many things - here's some of what they said...

Jelena Jankovic
On her first round loss at Wimbledon...
"I lost to Clijsters, which was obviously a tough draw, but overall I've had some changes in my coaches and my game, so it hasn't been easy for me. But I'm here training hard, trying to come back and get my confidence back."

On what she thought of the rest of the Wimbledon fortnight...
"I wasn't really sitting behind the TV and watching, but I watched Serena's final here in Stanford - I woke up at five or six in the morning because I couldn't sleep! Serena was serving unbelievable. She really has the best serve in the women's game. All the credit to her - she was really unbelievable."

On her results lately...
"Obviously I'm used to a lot better results and a lot better ranking as well. I've spent a long time in the Top 10, being really a top player, but you cannot always play so great and always be in form and do it for such a long time. There are certain players, especially in men's tennis, who can do that, and I did it for a long time, but I've had some injuries the past year or so that kind of took me a few steps backwards. Then I'd start again and get injured again and start from zero. And there was a point this year where I felt completely out of shape - especially with my style of play, I need to be fit. Being No.20 in the world isn't bad, of course - but with what I'm capable of, I've got to get back up there."

On playing Serena...
"I've played her a lot of times and I've had a lot of wins against her, and her sister too. I've been able to break her a lot of times - her serve is fast and precise, but I have a good return. You need anticipation and even guessing sometimes, and you have to react fast - you have to try your best to make a short swing and just try to get the ball back. It all happens so fast."

On singles versus doubles...
"I don't really play doubles or mixed doubles much. I don't really find myself a good doubles player. I'm a singles player. It's what I play best. I can play doubles here and there sometimes, but singles is what I prefer."

Serena Williams
On the time between the singles and doubles finals on Saturday...
"We had about three or four hours between my singles final and the doubles final. There was a men's doubles final in between that went five long sets - it didn't seem that long though, because I did press, went and got taped... When we got on court we had to finish before 11, otherwise we would have to play on Sunday... It was a super-hectic two weeks for me, probably the most hectic of my whole career. And then I had the flight the next day too!"

On winning the doubles with Venus...
"We hadn't played doubles for two years - it was our first tournament back. It started out a little shaky, but by the end it was really good for her and good for us. Her level went crazy. I don't know how I was playing, but I obviously can't win it by myself. At one point in the semifinals they were hitting every ball at her and I was like, 'Yes,' because she was killing it. She was making all these winners from everywhere. In the end, it obviously worked out well."

On her serve at Wimbledon...
"The numbers definitely say I'm serving better. I don't know why, per se. I've been working on my serve, but not so extreme - I haven't been doing that. Sometimes it just clicks. If I keep it simple and don't think about it, it clicks."

On the trip from London to Stanford...
"I came from London on Monday. I'm here now. I don't really know where I am right now. I haven't had a lot of time to think or process anything. But I'm here."

On switching from grass to hard...
"This surface is actually a bit faster than grass, so it's not much of a change. And I love hardcourts. I felt good out there when I was hitting some balls."

On she and Roger Federer both winning Wimbledon at age 30...
"I played more tennis at Wimbledon than anyone this year, with a lot of tough matches, and I played fine. I've never felt this good and fit in my whole life."

On the French Open loss...
"That loss affected me more than any loss in my career. But you can't let something affect you - you've got to climb back up and do the best you can. I was upset I didn't get to wear my outfit again - that was most upsetting."

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