Quotable Quotes... The Last Time In London

Kim on her last Wimbledon, Serena on her serve, Vika on McDonald's and Coca-Cola? Read on.

Published July 25, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes... The Last Time In London
Kim Clijsters

LONDON, England - The last time the stars of the WTA were at Wimbledon, just a few weeks ago for The Championships, the intrigue wasn't just on the court, it was in the press room too. Here are some quotes from some of your favorite WTA stars that may have gone under the radar during the fortnight...

Kim Clijsters on her favorite memories of Wimbledon, after falling to Angelique Kerber in the fourth round of her last one...
"It all started when I was a youngster, even before I was a junior, watching it on TV during summer holidays in Belgium. I felt the magic coming through the television. That was my first connection with Wimbledon. And then as I got older, when I came here for the first time as a junior, it was very special. I was here just to take it all in. I wasn't even here to play tennis. I was just looking at everything. Wimbledon to me was like Disneyland to another child. It was such a beautiful thing. The next year, or the year after that, I made the junior final. I went to the Champions Ball. I won the doubles here too. And playing Steffi here for me was one of my dreams come true as a young, up and coming player - to play against such a legend in her last Wimbledon was very, very special.

"So I have a lot of good memories, a lot of special memories emotionally with my family and with my dad. It's a nice place to go back to every year."

Victoria Azarenka on Kim Clijsters...
"She has had a terrific career. What she has done, I don't think there's anyone else who could have possibly done the same thing - having a baby, coming back and winning Grand Slams, even more than she did before. And she also has a great personality - Kim is terrific for our sport. It's sad she's retiring."

Serena Williams on her current outlook on tennis and life...
"I'm just happy. I'm happy to be playing. I'm happy to be on the court. I feel like this is where I belong. Maybe I don't belong in a relationship. Maybe I don't belong somewhere else. But I know for a fact I do belong on this tennis court."

Elena Vesnina on Venus Williams...
"She's one of the greatest athletes in the whole sport. And she's a great champion. She won Wimbledon so many times. Even now, she's not in the Top 10, but you can feel she will get a few more matches and can be back again. The Williams sisters, they have this power. They have this ability to come back from nowhere. They know how to do that. They know how to play Grand Slams and how to win them. That's the most important thing about them."

Maria Sharapova about the Big Three's domination in the men's game...
"We're pretty fortunate to be part of a generation in which you see such incredible rivalries between the three, and also putting Murray in the mix, someone who is out to beat them and get his first Grand Slam. It's special to watch. The tennis they've produced against each other has been so nice. It was Roger and Rafa against each other, then you saw Novak come in, especially last year, and just dominate. It was so impressive how he could go from one event to another. You're bound to have a few letdowns; he was so strong."

Victoria Azarenka on the Olympic overhaul of the All-England Club...
"It's going to be interesting and exciting to see. Nobody knows how it's going to be. But we can't wear whatever we want - we can wear our national colors, so there's a strict regime there. But I'm actually really excited to see some McDonald's or Coca-Cola in the back of the court. It will be funny."

Victoria Azarenka on her plans after Wimbledon...
"I go home. I have my brother's wedding, which I'm really excited about. From there I'm going to practice and prepare for the Olympic Games."

And when asked to choose between going to that wedding and reaching a Wimbledon final...
"That's a silly question. I think you know the answer."

Serena Williams on her confidence level...
"Well, I'm Serena Williams; I'm very confident."

Serena Williams when asked to describe her serve...

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