Quotable Quotes: The French & Canadian 1s

Marion Bartoli and Aleksandra Wozniak met the press after their wins in Montréal on Thursday.

Published August 09, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes: The French & Canadian 1s
Aleksandra Wozniak

MONTRÉAL, Canada - Marion Bartoli and Aleksandra Wozniak are France and Canada's No.1 players, and much to the delight of the Montréal crowds, they moved through to the third round Thursday. They met the press afterwards.

Marion Bartoli
On reaching the final of Carlsbad in her last tournament...
"After the French Open and Wimbledon I felt my game was not good enough, and I wanted to see what was wrong. I felt the way I was hitting the ball had gotten worse. I don't believe I was hitting well on clay and grass. And I was letting my opponents dictate the points. With my game, this wasn't good.

"So I decided to do something about it. They were tough, but I was able to play several good matches in a row in San Diego. I felt things were really improving there. And since that tournament I feel I've been improving more."

On going home after Carlsbad...
"I had a break after San Diego. I went home and didn't have to change surfaces, so I believe it's going to be an advantage for me. I practiced for 10 days and believe I made improvements and am going in the right direction.

"I did many other things at home too. My brother came with his wife and his son, who is my nephew, and I did a lot of babysitting. He's just starting to walk, so I was practicing my reflexes following him everywhere. It was good having time with my family. Those days at home did me a lot of good because I was able to do something else other than what I usually do all the time."

On whether she feels fresh after the break...
"I feel I've charged my batteries. I'm full of energy. I hope I will do well this year in the US Open because the past two or three years have been a catastrophe for me there. I'm going to play Cincinnati, New Haven and the US Open.

"I feel ready right now, but of course the truth happens on the court."

Aleksandra Wozniak
On beating Jankovic for the first time, her first Top 20 win since 2009...

"I was happy how I kept being really focused and positive on every point in my mind. Even if I did an unforced error or anything, I really tried to have a good attitude on the court and just keep playing offensive tennis out there.

"I had lost tough matches against Jelena before and really wanted to win this one. I was focused on what I had to do and not on how she plays. I had to execute my game plan. I succeeded at that and I'm very happy about it."

On working her way back up the rankings after recent injury struggles...
"After being on the sidelines for such a long time injured, it just helped build up my character so I could be stronger and tougher, even in important points under pressure and stress. It helps at this high level where I was at before."

On her year...
"It has been a very big year for me. I was dreaming of representing Canada at the Olympics. And I'm feeling really confident in tough matches too."

On countrywoman and Wimbledon junior champ Eugénie Bouchard...
"We played doubles yesterday. I've seen her at the national center training. She's a great girl. It's nice to see her transition from juniors to pro. So far it's going smoothly. She has great potential. It's nice to see Canadian tennis is growing on the professional side, and we're rocking the tour so far."

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