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Lindsay & Megan: A Passion For Doubles

One's a budding photographer, the other a mother of two - but when they join forces on the court...

Published August 20, 2012 12:00

Lindsay & Megan: A Passion For Doubles
Lindsay Lee-Waters

NEW HAVEN, CT, USA - One's a budding photographer, the other a mother of two - but when they join forces on the court they're a doubles team with a lot of success on the ITF Circuit now trying to work their way up the WTA ranks - and they just won their first round match at the New Haven Open at Yale on Monday. Ladies and gents, Lindsay Lee-Waters and Megan Moulton-Levy.

Lee-Waters might be the better known of the two. Her singles highlights include a slew of WTA quarterfinals and semifinals and a career-high No.33. And now she's a playing mom, with a husband and two children, aged 11 and 6.

"I wouldn't be able to do this without my husband - he has supported me and my dreams from the time we met," Lee-Waters said. "It can be tough for us sometimes because I'm travelling around the world, but we just kind of make it work - there are a lot of phone calls and a lot of Skypes! And they travel with me when they can. This year not so much because my daughter started playing tennis and going to school, but whenever they can we try to make it happen."

Moulton-Levy has a variety of off-court talents - photographer, French speaker, to name a few - with a particularly strong passion for the doubles discipline.

"When I was 11 I went to boarding school in Switzerland, a British boarding school in this little tiny skiing village," she said. "Three of my four sisters went to the same school. My mom wanted us to go there so we could ski three or four times a week, learn under the British scholastic system and immerse ourselves in a different culture and different languages. I would also play tennis on the weekends and also learned French while I was over there."

So how did two players with such different back stories find each other?

"Through Facebook!" Lee-Waters said. "We didn't know each other too well but had played each other at a couple tournaments, and we decided to play a tournament together and won it. We've been playing together ever since."

"Our game styles mesh well," Moulton-Levy said. "I'm more of a traditional doubles player, coming to net, while Lindsay plays back. In volleyball terms, she's the center and I'm the smasher. She hits these hard serves and returns and it's my job to finish it. I think our styles work very well together."

"And our personalities really click on the court," Lee-Waters said. "We're both hard on ourselves but not on each other. We complement each other in terms of our personalities - we've become really good friends at the same time."

Lee-Waters' kids have a strong affinity for Moulton-Levy. "My little boy calls her his girlfriend!" Lee-Waters said. "She comes to Atlanta sometimes and we did an exhibition at my club once, and my children just follow her around.

"Megan's awesome with them."

"They're great kids," Moulton-Levy said. "I wish they could travel more, but obviously they have school to do, so they can become successful."

But back to the game - what keeps the Americans inspired and driven?

"We don't just want to enjoy tennis, we want to move up in the rankings," Moulton-Levy said. "We want to secure spots in Grand Slams and be Top 50. Actually Top 50 is our immediate goal, but we have bigger goals too. And above all, we'd really like to share and spread our passion for doubles.

"It's a totally different game, a whole new strategy. You're figuring out the weaknesses of your opponents a lot more. And you have to do these things within 30 seconds, making it happen in a short period of time. I love it. If you think about it, people of all ages in the US, a lot of them are doubles players."

"I really think people love watching doubles," Lee-Waters added. "People come up to us asking us when we play, and so many people support us and watch us, so I hope the game can keep growing and growing. There are so many great teams out there playing really well, I really think it's exciting to watch."

"We feel blessed and honored we can do this every day," Moulton-Levy added.

And what about Moulton-Levy's love of photography? "I went to Dubai three years ago right before Christmas and my sister gave me a camera. I wanted to capture the memories of my days as a tennis player. After a while I got into it more and bought myself a big fancy camera. With my permanent model Lindsay, I thought I could photo document this process and journey!"

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Megan Moulton-Levy

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