Quotable Quotes: 2012, According To Sam

All week, wtatennis.com will be bringing you thoughts on the season gone by from the biggest stars.

Published November 12, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes: 2012, According To Sam
Samantha Stosur

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Over the next week, wtatennis.com will bring you some final thoughts - as well as some random quotes - of the 2012 season, from several of the WTA's biggest stars, who all had a look back during the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships - Istanbul 2012. Today, the World No.9...

On getting to take the court twice as an alternate in Istanbul...
"It's difficult to prepare, but on the flip side you weren't expecting a match, so it's kind of a bonus you got one. And at the end of the day you can't be too worried about how difficult it is if you're lucky to be in there anyway."

On her 2012 season...
"Looking back at the year, I think it was probably a little bit up and down. I think once I've had a bit of a break I'll be able to think of it in a more positive light, but right now it feels like it was up and down. I've had lots of quarters, lots of semis, but at least some of those matches were matches where I really think I could have played better or gotten a better result, and then you find yourself in a couple more finals, and you never really know what can happen there.

"I don't know, it's been a little bit bittersweet, because I've improved in some areas and am happy about that, but I haven't won a tournament or had that really big result this year, like I've obviously had in the past couple of years."

On what she has improved on specifically...
"Well, I think I've probably won more matches this year playing pretty ordinary tennis than I ever have before - especially at the start of the year, it was pretty tough. But I think I fought through some matches I was down in and not playing well, and that was always a struggle for me. Even leading into the US Open I had a match I was 4-0 down and came back and won. It's an area I've improved in, definitely, though I think I can still improve more and get better at it."

On whether her Australian season in 2012 was "kind of a disaster"...
"It wasn't kind of. It was. It's okay."

And her thoughts on the Australian season in 2013...
"I don't know if it's that much of a difference going in seeded No.5 or No.6, whatever I was last year, or seeded No.9, like I probably will be this year. I'll still be Top 10 and the highest-ranked Australian. So I don't think it's going to be that much different in the attention I get - but obviously having just won the US Open catapulted me even higher last time. I don't know - hopefully I've learned a lot from the whole year, and I definitely want to try and handle the occasion better and play well and to my capability at home in Australia."

On her plans for the off-season...
"First I'm going to fly home and take a break. I'm not going to go anywhere. Just go home and up to the Gold Coast for a week, and probably take three weeks off, and then get stuck into it again."

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