Quotable Quotes: 2012, According To Li Na

Li Na talks playing Serena, her husband's swimming skills, looking ahead to 2013 and more.

Published November 13, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes: 2012, According To Li Na
Li Na

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Over the next week, wtatennis.com will bring you some final thoughts - as well as some random quotes - of the 2012 season, from several of the WTA's biggest stars, who all had a look back during the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships - Istanbul 2012. Today, the World No.7...

On falling in the round robin stage in Istanbul, though pushing the World No.1 and World No.3 very close and beating the World No.5...
"The Azarenka match was like the Serena match - I had a pretty good start, then I don't know, I did the same thing and lost. But I still have a lot of positives to take away. I played the No.1, No.3 and No.5 players in the world and it was a pretty good challenge. And I was healthy at the end of the season - I didn't have any injury. So I'm really looking forward for the next season coming up."

On whether she had an end-of-season celebration after her last match like Kerber, who jumped in a pool with her team at night...
"You know, my husband can't swim, so I wouldn't be able to help him if he jumped in the swimming pool. I wouldn't be able to save his life."

On whether she has any vacation plans...
"Yeah, of course. I already planned it four months ago!"

On those vacation plans...
"I will keep them a secret, but I'm really looking forward to a vacation. We have been playing from the first week of January until now, so I have to enjoy this time. I will take two weeks off. Two weeks with nothing about fitness, nothing about tennis, and just enjoying life, and doing whatever I want to do."

On her pre-season training...
"I mean, right now I can only see the vacation!"

On being in her thirties and still playing at an extremely high level...
"This question is always tough to answer because you never know what will happen the next day when you wake up. And for the whole year your body is travelling a lot and you're tired, and you have to stay at a high level.

"This year I saw not many, but a couple of players retiring who were the same age as me. So even after I played Beijing they were always asking me when I was going to retire. I was like, 'Hey guys, I'm not old. I can still play. I'm feeling healthy and I can still run on the court, even a little bit faster than before.' And I'm also still in the Top 10. I really don't want to stop anytime soon."

On playing her fellow thirty-something, Serena...
"If you play Serena, you have to focus every second. If you lose concentration for just one second, she's killing you straight away. When I played her here I was playing very well early, but then suddenly I slowed down a bit and she turned the match around straight away. It's always very tough to play her."

On whether she noticed Serena smashing her racquet...
"Did she? I heard a warning for her, but I was like, 'What happened?'"

On whether she has ever smashed a racquet herself...
"Until now? No, zero. I promise."

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