Quotable Quotes: 2012, According to Maria

Maria Sharapova opens up about 2012, turning head-to-heads, Sugarpova and... Gangnam Style?

Published November 15, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes: 2012, According to Maria
Maria Sharapova

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Over the next week, wtatennis.com will bring you some final thoughts - as well as some random quotes - of the 2012 season, from several of the WTA's biggest stars, who all had a look back during the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships - Istanbul 2012. Today, the World No.2...

On her 2012 season...
"I'm proud of it. I'm proud I'm moving in the right direction in terms of improving my game and seeing where it's going. I've accomplished a lot of things this year that I really wanted to get back in my career. Lots of great memories. Some difficult ones, but a lot of really positive thoughts moving into next year."

On sticking with and turning around difficult head-to-head records...
"I've done it before. I know against Serena it has been a really long time, but there are many players I've faced where there were things that just weren't working at that time. Justine was a really good example. I always had difficulties against her and never quite recovered well in the rallies. She was moving me around with all the different shotmaking. But obviously against Serena there's a lot more power involved - she has served extremely well in the last few matches we've played. But you've got to be able to hold your own court as well."

On disagreeing with her coach during an on-court coaching moment in her round robin match against Agnieszka Radwanska...
"I was just aggravated at the time because I was making too many unforced errors and just wasn't doing the right things on the court. In the heat of the moment you've got to blame it on someone, right? It's never on yourself."

On thirty-somethings like Li Na going strong on the WTA...
"I don't think age is something you can really say affects someone. I mean, Li Na won the French Open last year. She was a Grand Slam champion at 29. Now all of a sudden people are asking if she's good enough at 30 - that's tough. Obviously she has been very consistent the last few years. To be a Grand Slam champion is not an easy task, no matter if you're 16, 17, 30 or 35."

On bringing her Sugarpova candy line to Turkey...
"I would love to see the candy here in Turkey. I attempted to bring two bags of it with me, but between me and my team they were gone on the plane. Turkish Airlines swallowed them up. But I would love to see the candy come here. It's actually going to be available internationally soon, so if people want to order online at sugarpova.com, it will be able to come to Turkey."

On being in Laura Robson's recent player video of Gangnam Style...
"It was really fun until I found out what Gangnam was, or what Gangnam Style was. Laura actually approached me after one of my matches in Beijing and she was like, 'Can you just do this quick intro for me? We did this video, Gangnam Style.' I'm like, 'What?' She's like, 'Gangnam Style.' I'm like, 'I'll do it if you tell me how to pronounce it right.' She's like, 'What do you mean you don't know how to pronounce it?' I'm like, 'I've never heard of this.'

"So I did it and I sound ridiculous. I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about and obviously I'm very embarrassed about it. But then I'm driving in my car and I hear this ridiculous song and I'm like, 'What is this?' And I look at my radio and it says Gangnam Style. I'm like, 'Oh my goodness.'"

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