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Quotable Quotes: 2012, According To Vika

Victoria Azarenka talks destiny, DJs, No.1, walking off with a smile and just flying away...

Published November 16, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes: 2012, According To Vika
Victoria Azarenka

ISTANBUL, Turkey - All week, wtatennis.com has been bringing you some final thoughts - as well as some random quotes - of the 2012 season, from several of the WTA's biggest stars, who all had a look back during the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships - Istanbul 2012. Today, finally, the World No.1...

On staying aggressive during the two match points she saved in her marathon win over Angelique Kerber in the round robin...
"I knew I just had to go for it. She wasn't going to miss, so I didn't want to wait for her to make a mistake. I was so determined to make it happen. I wanted to change the momentum. I wanted to take destiny into my own hands - and if I missed those shots it would have been up to me, not my opponent."

On the crowds in Istanbul...
"Well, I think the last tournament of the year where it's all the best players in the world fighting for the last trophy, it's always going to be special, no matter where it is - but this crowd is unbelievable. They are so into it, and it helps us as players stay alive out there. Going on the court I can be really nervous, but here I felt, 'Oh my God, I can't wait to get out there and feel this atmosphere.'"

On the music at the changeovers in Istanbul...
"It's very different. Sometimes rap, sometimes R&B, sometimes rock, and then it goes to Turkish music. The DJ is doing a great job."

On being one of 11 players ever to finish as year-end World No.1...
"If you look at the list of these people, it's kind of difficult to believe that a little girl from Belarus is on that list. But it's a really incredible achievement. When I started to play tennis I had this big picture in my head that I wanted to be there. Back then it was so far away - it was pretty much like touching the sky. But now I'm sitting here kind of in that sky, so it's a really incredible feeling. I don't think you fully realize it until you stop playing tennis and look back. Living in the moment, I think you lose that sense of those great achievements."

On her 2012 season...
"I'm really proud. I started the year with No.3 and finished with No.1, which in numbers doesn't seem like a huge jump, but we all know in reality it's a pretty big difference. I also finished the year as a different person - well maybe not different, but much more mature, and a much more mature player, and I'm very proud of that too. The whole year was a big learning experience, trying new things and taking the whole journey with the good things and a few bad things - I didn't have many bad things. I cannot complain about this year. It gives me great pleasure from now to enjoy three weeks and be happy about it!"

On smiling as she left the court of her last match of the year...
"When I left the court I felt the crowd was supporting me so much and appreciated not just this week, but my whole year, what I did. It was amazing."

On seeing some concerts in the off-season...
"Well, the one concert I would love to see I will not be able to see, and that's Michael Jackson's concert. I heard Prince is touring maybe. I would love to see Lenny Kravitz - he's also one of my favorite musicians. I heard Rihanna is going back on tour soon, too - not in this period of time maybe, but soon."

On her plans for the off-season...
"I definitely just want to enjoy my time in the off-season and not think I have to wake up and eat the right thing or go and make sure I have to practice... and I can sleep whenever I want, though not for too long. I'm just looking forward to kind of having my mind off. But I'll be reviewing everything with the team and we'll start preparing for next year too, and then just fly away."

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