Razzano Recovered, Ready To Go Again

Since springing the upset of the year, she has had a rough go - but now she's ready to go again.

Published December 04, 2012 12:00

Razzano Recovered, Ready To Go Again
Virginie Razzano

NÎMES, France - She pulled off what was considered by most as the biggest upset of the year, stunning Serena Williams in a first round thriller at the French Open - the rest of the year may have not been the kindest to her, but Virginie Razzano is now looking ahead to 2013, hoping to return to the heights she has experienced time and time again in her professional career.

Though she was a former Top 20 player with 11 Top 10 wins to her name, Razzano's win over Williams at Roland Garros was a stunner - she wasn't even in the Top 100 at the time, and Williams was 17-0 on clay going into the tournament. With the dramatic 46 76(5) 63 win, it looked like the on-court and off-court struggles Razzano had endured in recent years were finally behind her.

But it wasn't to be - Razzano was down at No.160 on 2012's year-end rankings, 49 spots below where she was when she beat Williams that day in Paris, and after that famous win she went 2-5 in WTA-level matches, two of the losses coming via retirement. So what happened to the talented Frenchwoman?

"My win against Serena at Roland Garros was the most beautiful of all of my wins since I started my career in professional tennis," Razzano said. "I will always remember that amazing match - especially since Serena is back to her very best this season and showing she is still the leader on the tour.

"Unfortunately, the rest of the season wasn't really the one I was hoping for. I had some injuries and couldn't continue playing at the level I wanted to."

At her level, Razzano is one of the most dangerous players on the WTA. In addition to the aforementioned dozen Top 10 wins and her stint in the world's Top 20, which lasted 30 straight weeks across the 2009 and 2010 seasons, she is a two-time WTA champion - at Guangzhou and Tokyo [Japan Open] in 2007 - and a four-time WTA finalist, including at two Premier events in 2009. She has also been to the second week at Grand Slams three times before, first at the US Open in 2006 and then at the French Open and Wimbledon in 2009.

And with her new coach, the Frenchwoman is looking on the up again.

"I'm working with a new coach, Alexia Dechaume-Balleret. I think her experience playing on the circuit can bring me many things and help me progress in several areas," Razzano commented. "My goal moving forward is to stay healthy so I can have consistent results all year, which will help me move up in the rankings and hopefully finish 2013 between No.20 and No.30 in the world."

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