Quotable Quotes: Sam Talks Sydney & More

Sam Stosur met the press last week as she prepares for her home Grand Slam next month.

Published December 10, 2012 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Sam Talks Sydney & More
Samantha Stosur

SYDNEY, Australia - Many players carry the weight of a nation on them, but how many carry it into a Grand Slam, let alone a Grand Slam straight out of the off-season? Sam Stosur always has a unique mix of pressures to deal with at the Australian Open but is taking it all in stride, as she described at a media opp in Sydney last week. Here are the Australian trailblazer's words...

On the off-season...
"I was really looking forward to the time off! The last couple of weeks of the season were pretty challenging, but obviously it was great to finish the year the way I did and make sure I stayed in the Top 10. And then I enjoyed the three weeks off I had, and then I did fitness for two weeks and this is the third week I'm training again. It's amazing how quickly it all goes, but I definitely needed it."

On her mental preparation for the Australian season...
"I'll be doing work with my sports psychologist. We've been working together a good couple years. She'll come down to Sydney for a little bit in a couple weeks' time. We'll do the usual things - there's nothing magical you can change or do, I just have to be aware of what's going on and handle it better than I have in the past. I didn't handle it well at all last year. It was disappointing - but if anything, that disappointment will spur me on this year. And at the end of the day you've got to keep it simple and just play tennis - that's all you can do really."

On the draw at the Premier-level lead-up tournament in Sydney...
"Every year it's extremely hard. They get great numbers from the Top 10 players. I think you've got to be at least Top 25 to get into the draw - so you've got someone who's ranked No.25 or No.26 in the world playing qualifying, and that doesn't happen every week on tour, that's for sure. But it's a great tournament - obviously going into the Australian Open we haven't played too many tournaments, so everyone wants to get out on the courts and get a taste for competition, and get their eye on how everyone's hitting the ball."

On whether there are any new weapons she has been working on...
"I don't know if there's going to be a magical shot that'll pop up, but I'm just trying to keep my weapons and keep improving them, and trying to negate whatever weaknesses I have. At this stage of my career it's about using what I've got and trying to improve those things. I've just gotta get out there every day and work hard and be competitive - the game I've got is the game I've got."

On the group that currently makes up the Top 10...
"Obviously there are a couple of standouts - Serena is the player of the year by far, and then you have the Azarenkas and Sharapovas - but overall it's a very tight group. It gets really competitive. We all bring something different to make us the player we are - we do what we can with whatever we've got."

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