Quotable Quotes: WTA Stars In Brisbane

From the strength of women's tennis to watching the serve speed radar to engagement rumors, the stars of the WTA have been talking at the Brisbane International this week.

Published January 03, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: WTA Stars In Brisbane
Angelique Kerber

BRISBANE, Australia - From the strength of women's tennis to watching the serve speed radar to engagement rumors, the stars of the WTA have been talking this week. Here they are...

Victoria Azarenka on the women's game...
"I truly believe women's tennis is at its highest level of competition right now. We have a lot of girls who, on any given day, can beat each other and win a title. It's very exciting for the public to see and it's exciting for the players too, because it gives us extra motivation to know we have to work hard, because if we don't, there's somebody who's going to come along and take our spot. For me personally, I have a lot of excitement for the women's game because I know I always have to be there."

Maria Sharapova on the women's game...
"It's much more physical than it has been. And I think the biggest change I see is maybe five years ago you would go into a tournament and treat the first couple of rounds as - not as a warm-up, but rounds where you don't have to really play your best tennis. Now it's certainly much different because you can be facing a dangerous opponent who has had good results and beaten top players before, but who hasn't been consistent enough - their inconsistency shows in their ranking not being high enough, therefore you're facing them in the first few rounds. So it's much more challenging now."

Serena Williams on whether she checks the serve speed radar in her matches...
"Every serve. Every serve. And I don't do it consciously, just every serve I look to see what it was."

Serena Williams on how she spends her down time during tournaments...
"I'm really boring. I'm really boring now. I used to be fun. I used to be a lot of fun times. For a fun time, call Serena. Now for a fun time, do not call me. I don't know what happened to me."

Angelique Kerber on whether she said the Australian Open is her favorite Slam...
"Yes, it's true. I really like the people and the weather here. Everything is so nice. It's so relaxing to play here and to be here. It's a very beautiful place. I really love the Australian Open."

Caroline Wozniacki on the rumors the ring on her finger sparked...
"It was a Christmas present and it fit on that finger and I put it on, and all of a sudden I hear I'm engaged. But I'm not. It's already twice we've had to shut down engagement rumors. Don't worry, we will let you know if it happens! But for now, as long as we're happy, that's the important thing."

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