Quotable Quotes: Li Na

Li Na was an absolute warrior in the final of the Australian Open, falling just short of winning her second Grand Slam title. Here are some pieces of her post-match press conference.

Published January 26, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Li Na
Li Na

MELBOURNE, Australia - Li Na was an absolute warrior in the final of the Australian Open, falling just short of her second Grand Slam title. Here are some pieces of her post-match press conference.

On how her ankle and head are doing...
"After the match I thought, 'How many years and I never fell down on the court?' It was amazing today. It was twice on the court even. I thought, 'What are you doing on the court, it's like juniors.' But I think the tournament doctor and physio did a good job. After the match I went back to the locker room and they checked my hand, they checked my neck, and also the tape for the ankle just in case maybe I was feeling sore tomorrow. So they checked everything and it should all be okay. I want to thank them."

On how the falls affected her during the match...
"Not too much - maybe just five seconds. I was a little bit worried when I fell and my head touched the ground. For two seconds I couldn't really see anything - it was totally black. When the physio came, she was like, 'Focus on my finger.' I started laughing. I was thinking, 'This is a tennis court, not a hospital!' She was like, 'Follow my finger. Follow my finger,' because I wasn't following, I was just watching her eyes. But then I did it. They did such a good job, checking everything was okay just in case."

On whether the falls caused her to lose...
"Maybe if I didn't fall it would be another story, you never know - I was feeling pretty good before I fell. But the truth was I fell down, and that can't change. And it was a tough match - she's No.1, the defending champion - and in the important games she played better than me, so that's why she won."

On why she thinks she fell...
"Because I'm stupid!"

On whether she felt the huge support from the crowd...
"Yeah - I heard a lot of Chinese fans. I also saw them with the Chinese flag everywhere. I was like, 'Oh, looks like China Open!' I felt so much support here. It's good news for all the Chinese players."

On whether she has spoken to coach Carlos Rodriguez yet...
"Yeah. Of course he was sad because I lost the final, but he still saw other positive things."

On comparing this to 2011, when she lost the final here then won the French...
"I think last year Maria did the same, she lost in the final here then won the French. Also one year Ivanovic did the same. So I don't know - maybe I wish I can do the same this year, as well."

And her final thoughts on the tournament...
"I wish I could have won the title because this is my favorite Grand Slam - it was the second time I was in the final and both times I lost. So I feel a bit sad. But if I look at the beginning of the year until now, I have to be proud. I feel like I'm really back again. I wish to have a very good 2013."

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