Quotable Quotes: Mona On Self-Belief & More

Mona Barthel put her aggressive game on display throughout the week at the Open GDF SUEZ in Paris, and afterwards talked Sara Errani, self-belief, her tennis idol and more.

Published February 05, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Mona On Self-Belief & More
Mona Barthel

PARIS, France - Mona Barthel's victory at the Open GDF SUEZ not only represented her first Premier title, it may have also signalled something big to come - the 16 players who had won the tournament before her had all been ranked No.7 or higher at one point in their careers, and most of them had gone as high as Top 3. So what are the German's thoughts on the run? Here she is in her own words...

On playing Errani in the final...
"I was up a set and 5-2, but I got a little bit of nerves - I knew she's a real fighter, and it was my first final at such a big tournament. She made it hard for me. I just tried to take it step by step and point by point, and just kept playing my game. I knew she had to win the set to stay in the match, and even if she did, I'd still have a chance to win the match in the third set. Of course, I knew the third set would be more difficult, but I'd still have a chance. But I'm glad I won it in the tie-break of course!"

On her Top 10 wins over Bartoli and Errani being a turning point...
"To beat two Top 10 players in one week is a good effort, for sure. And not just this week, but I've had such a great start to the whole season - already one semifinal, one final and winning here. It's a pretty good first month. I've improved so much in my game and hope I can continue playing like this."

On self-belief...
"The most important thing is to go on the court and believe in yourself, believe you can beat the other player. Of course they're all such good players, but last year I had so many good matches against top players and it gave me a lot of confidence. I know I can play a good game. You just have to keep giving your best and you never know what will happen. Hesitation doesn't get you anywhere."

On her beginnings in tennis and her childhood idol...
"I started so early. My whole family was into tennis - my parents and my sister, too. I basically started playing tennis when I started walking. From that point it was always my dream to become a professional tennis player. My idol was Steffi Graf when I was growing up - she was from Germany, I liked the way she played, and she was so successful. I had the same racquet, the same clothes, the same everything as her. I haven't met her yet, but hopefully in the future I will get to meet her!"

On following in the footsteps of Kerber, who won Paris last year...
"That would be amazing - Angelique had such a great season last year, playing so many tournaments and doing so well in all of them, and beating so many good players. She has such a great game. It was great to win this tournament after she won it last year. I'm just trying to play tournament by tournament and we'll see. I just want to keep it up. Every tournament and every opponent is different."

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