Quotable Quotes: This & That In Dubai

The stars of the WTA have been talking about everything from Serena's return to No.1, Flavia's return to action and why going to Dubai means you've really made it. Read all about it right here.

Published February 19, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: This & That In Dubai
Agnieszka Radwanska

DUBAI, UAE - The stars of the WTA have been talking about everything from Serena's return to No.1, Flavia's return to action and why going to Dubai means you've really made it. Read all about it...

Serena Williams
On why she feels better in Dubai this week than in Doha last week...
"I was really, really, really sick last week. I wasn't at my best. I couldn't train. I practiced like one or two days before playing because I had the ankle problems, but I thought at least I could show up and play my way into shape and just compete, and that's what I did. I feel so much better this week already - I feel like a completely different athlete and a completely different person compared to last week."

On Dubai...
"It's the one tournament I said I really want to do well in this year. It's a city everyone feels like they should come to. You feel like you've made it if you've made it to Dubai. At least where I'm from in the Western part of the world, it's the city you want to travel to, like, 'Wow, you've been to Dubai, no way, what is it like? I heard they have all these buildings and malls.' So it's really a top place to go to."

Sara Errani
On being Italy's No.1...
"I don't think about being the first Italian player. For sure we have been a very good team always, and now a few of them have stopped a bit, but for sure they will be coming back. Of course I'm happy to have the top ranking in Italy. I feel good about that. I just want to keep improving every day."

On Pennetta making her comeback to the WTA this week in Bogotá after wrist surgery...
"For sure, Flavia and I keep in touch always. She also came to the Fed Cup week last week - she didn't play, but she was there. I'm for sure happy she's coming back. She's a very good person and a very good player. Italy needs her, and for sure we know she will come back very strong now."

Petra Kvitova
On finishing 2012 at No.8 after finishing 2011 at No.2...
"Last season I don't think it was as bad as people say. I think it was quite a solid year for me. I had two semifinals in the Grand Slams. And after 2011 I was prepared for the pressure - it was quite okay. I stayed in the Top 10. I played the WTA Championships. So it was a pretty solid year for me."

On whether her results in Doha were a turnaround after a tough Australian season...
"At the beginning of the season I wish I could have had better results, but anyway, it was the beginning of the season and I had changed my fitness preparation a little bit, so I needed some time to get used to it. I'm glad how I played in Doha. I fought in the second round to beat Petrova, then I played so well against Serena. I was quite close to the match. I hope I can continue to play like that."

Samantha Stosur
On whether the withdrawal of Azarenka, who was on her half of the draw, helps her chances...
"Maybe it's good for anyone in this half of the draw, but to be honest with you, to get to that point it's going to be pretty tough. Everybody that you play at this tournament is in the Top 29, I think. So for No.1 or No.2 to be out, it could help whoever gets through that part, but nevertheless you're going to play someone who is No.4 or No.5 anyway, so it's not like it's going to be a huge advantage."

Caroline Wozniacki
On Serena becoming No.1 again...
"I think it's great that Serena is back at No.1. After everything she's gone through, the fighting spirit she's shown, she almost didn't lose a match the second half of last year - it's impressive."

On whether she feels close to the level Serena and Azarenka are at...
"Right now I'm not really close to that No.1 spot, but you never know with tennis - in half a year maybe I will be; maybe not. I haven't played Serena or Vika for a while, but the last time I played against Serena I beat her - no I didn't actually, I got completely killed at the Olympics. I'd rather forget that!"

Agnieszka Radwanska
On the battle for No.1 between Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams...
"Serena definitely deserves No.1, especially after last season, winning Wimbledon, the Olympics, the US Open and WTA Championships. But to be No.1 isn't just about one or two tournaments, you have to play a lot to have those kind of points. Last year Vika was also playing well the whole year, making big points almost every tournament, so she also deserved No.1. I think whoever is No.1 deserves it."

On getting to No.1 herself...
"I hope I can be No.1. I'm working on it. Being No.4 in the world is close, but it's also far - there are a lot of players playing great tennis right now. One of the most important things is doing well at the Grand Slams - there are a lot of points there. I think I can do it. We'll see when it will happen."

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