Radwanska & Wozniacki In Hong Kong

Agnieszka Radwanska and Caroline Wozniacki squared off at the Asia-World Arena in Hong Kong on Monday, one of two BNP Paribas Showdown exhibitions on the first World Tennis Day. Who won?

Published March 04, 2013 12:00

Radwanska & Wozniacki In Hong Kong
Agnieszka Radwanska, Caroline Wozniacki

HONG KONG, China - The inaugural World Tennis Day on Monday was marked by two star-studded BNP Paribas Showdowns around the world - exhibition events featuring some of the biggest stars from the ATP World Tour and WTA. The first one was in Hong Kong and two of the most popular players on the WTA were in action, with Agnieszka Radwanska squaring off against Caroline Wozniacki.

Radwanska and Wozniacki aren't just good friends, they have played nine times at the WTA-level, with Wozniacki leading the head-to-head, 5-4 - however, Radwanska has won their last three encounters.

"We know each other's game very well, the patterns of the game and everything," Wozniacki said before the exhibition match. "And playing against a good friend, you pretty much know what to expect, but at the same time you're out there on the court and you just want to win. Once you're on the court it's a fight, you fight for your life basically, and when you're off the court again you're friends again."

"We're good friends because I think we can separate our private life and tennis and when we go on the court," Radwanska said. "We both focus and we both want to win, but then we shake hands and we're friends again. I think we've been friends for, what do you reckon - fifteen years? Very long!"

The two put their solid baseline games on display at the Asia-World Arena but it was Radwanska who came out on top, 64 64. It wasn't all serious business though - at one point early in the second set, Wozniacki invited former Hong Kong Davis Cup player Colin Grant on court to play a point against Radwanska - he won it on a Radwanska shot Wozniacki called out, though it may have been in.

"I've heard he's kind of a legend here," Wozniacki said about Grant, though she admitted she hadn't known him for very long. "It's great that he could come in and win the point against Agnieszka."

The Wozniacki humor didn't stop - Radwanska was asked when she knew she'd be in Hong Kong.

"I think it was a few days ago - I would say Tuesday maybe, when I got wind of it," Radwanska said.

"Yeah but she knew that I was here, so of course she wanted to come," Wozniacki said. "What you don't know about her is she's stalking me all over the world, so where I'm going, she's going there too."

Radwanska enjoyed her visit to Hong Kong. "I was enjoying most of my days here, but unfortunately I wasn't here long and we have to go to the States right after this," she said. "I think I just have to come back here one day and see the city, and see something other than the hotel and the courts."

The exhibition also featured a men's match, with John McEnroe beating Ivan Lendl in a pro-set, 8-5.

And a final touch - a tweet from earlier in the day exemplifying the Radwanska-Wozniacki friendship:

Caroline Wozniacki, Agnieszka Radwanska

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