Quotable Quotes: Mermaids & Juggling

The WTA stars haven't just been lighting up the courts of Indian Wells, they've been lighting up the press room. Who was named after a mermaid? Who thinks about juggling on the court?

Published March 13, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Mermaids & Juggling
Svetlana Kuznetsova

INDIAN WELLS, CA, USA - The WTA stars haven't just been lighting up the courts of Indian Wells, they've been lighting up the press room. Who was named after a mermaid? Who thinks about juggling on the court? Here are snippets from eight players' post-match press conferences in the desert...

Svetlana Kuznetsova
On how she feels about Indian Wells...
"The other day I was on the radio and they asked, 'What do you like about Indian Wells and what do you not like?' When I was younger this place was too boring for me - now I enjoy the tranquility here."

Jamie Hampton
On if someone asked her what the coolest thing about her was, what she would say...
"I'm pretty boring, actually - I wouldn't consider myself cool at all."

And on explaining the previous answer...
"My life revolves around tennis. I eat, sleep and drink tennis. There's not too much time for anything else. I have to take care of my back and body - that's a full-time job. Add tennis on top of that."

Madison Keys
On something interesting about herself...
"People are always really surprised when I say this, but I love country music."

And on who her favorite artists are...
"There are so many - Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Hunter Hayes..."

On how her parents came up with the name Madison...
"You know, I think my mom said she was watching the movie Splash and the mermaid in it is named Madison. She loved the name - so she named me after a mermaid. I mean, I think it's pretty cool."

On whether she has ever watched Splash, which came out 11 years before she was born...
"I did. I love the movie."

Mallory Burdette
On whether college has prepared her for the multi-tasking world of pro tennis...
"Most definitely. In my junior year I was captain of the team, so you're dealing with your team responsibilities, dealing with your classes, and just trying to stay sharp on the tennis court too so you can compete and do well for your team. So there were a lot of things on my plate, and now that I'm a pro tennis player and it's just tennis, sometimes it feels like there's a lot of down time even."

Maria Kirilenko
On making her strongest push towards the Top 10 at the age of 26...
"I think everybody has their own time. Somebody can be there in young age; somebody needs more time. I feel I always played not bad, but now I'm playing better. The right moment for me is right now."

On the strengths of current Top 10 player Errani...
"She has good patience. She doesn't try to do something over her limit. She's a good runner, too. I was practicing with her in Spain and she works really hard - that's why it's paying off for her now."

Maria Sharapova
On why the Indian Wells-Miami double is special for her...
"Miami actually has a really special place in my heart because it's where I landed for the first time in the United States as a little girl, and I went to the tournament every single year when I was training in Florida. We would drive up, and I have so many pictures I would take every year from in front of the fountain with my mom and my dad. So that tournament feels really close to home for me.

"But Indian Wells, this is also where so many friends from Southern California are able to drive up and watch me play; whereas, they're not able to do that anywhere else. So it's very special here too."

Caroline Wozniacki
On whether players who sit silently are actually listening to coaches in on-court coaching...
"No, I listen. I just want to focus on what he says and then take what I think is right and what I can do. I want to take that into the match. It's difficult to start a conversation because you have so little time."

Victoria Azarenka
On her back-up plan if Plan A isn't working on the court...
"It's a long process to put new things into your repertoire, things you probably weren't comfortable doing before. It was really straightforward before, and I needed to expand it. And I did. And I'm still doing that, and still developing Plan D, Plan E, and all the way to the end of the alphabet."

On what was going through her mind in the second set against Flipkens on Monday night...
"I think about the weirdest things when I'm on the court. I think about a movie. I think about what my nephew is doing. I watched a video before, he was juggling and all that - whatever pops in my head."

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