WTA Diary: Battles, Bikes & Babies

Catch up on all the goings on in Miami, including Alizé Cornet's arduous weekend and Serena's pedal-powered dash through the Miami traffic.

Published March 25, 2013 05:13

WTA Diary: Battles, Bikes & Babies
Alize Cornet

Every week there's a lot happening on the WTA - on the court, off the court, by the numbers, even a few tweets... catch up on it all in this week's WTA Diary.

Who Turned Out The Lights?
On Friday night, three rain delays, two power cuts and one change of court dragged out the second round contest between Alizé Cornet and Laura Robson for more than seven hours.

Unperturbed by all this kerfuffle, Cornet returned after the second of these power cuts to rattle off the final six games and wrap up a 57 75 61 victory.

In The Wars
Forty-eight hours later, Alizé and her next opponent, lucky loser Lauren Davis, had to deal with an altogether different set of problems. The main obstacle was the blistering Miami heat, which forced a 10-minute interlude between the second and third sets and led to both players being taken to the locker rooms in wheelchairs after the match to be treated for fatigue (Davis) and heat illness (Cornet).

The match - eventually won by Cornet, 26 63 62 - also included one of the year's more bizarre medical timeouts when Davis was stung by a wasp midway through the decider.

Beat The Traffic
Having won the title five times, it's fair to say, Serena Williams should know her way around Miami by now. And on Saturday, she put her knowledge to the test by negotiating the city's gridlocked roads on a bike.

"The traffic was crazy and everyone was like, 'I have been here for an hour, and I'm staying like eight minutes away,'" Williams said. "I'm like, 'OK, I'm not going to make my match.'

"So I asked for a golf cart, and the hotel didn't have a golf cart. Then they were like, 'We have a motor bike.' I'm like, 'I don't do motor bikes.' They said, 'We have a bicycle.' I said, 'I really don't do bicycles, but I will today.' It was fun. It was probably one of my best memories I think ever, riding a bike to a match. That's pretty cool."

Her pre-match warm-up didn't do her any harm either - she reached the fourth round with a 63 63 win over Ayumi Morita.

When traffic is bad jump on a bike and go to work. #makeitwork http://mob.li/_r6FW2

Double Up
Maria Sharapova is at home in the company of the elite. And this week she attempts to join a select group of women to have pulled off the Indian Wells-Miami double.

Home Comforts
After making it big, many tennis players chose to up sticks and leave their home town for the more salubrious surrounds of somewhere like Monte Carlo or Florida. Not so Agnieszka Radwanska. Poland's No.1 is a proud Krakow girl, a point she was keen to empasise as she took a stroll round her home town with CNN's Open Court.

Petko Dance No More?
Have week seen the end of Andrea Petkovic's post-match victory dance? The popular German chose to eschew her trademark moves in favor of practicing her golf swing after defeating Bojana Jovanovski in the first round, and then revealed in her Miami diary for USA Today a possible move into choreography.

New Arrival
And last, but by no means least, congratulations to Justine Henin and husband Benoît, who announced the birth of their daughter, Lalie, last week.

"We were anticipating this so much, and now it has happened," Henin wrote on her Facebook page. "This afternoon a little fairy arrived to illuminate our lives… She is called Lalie, she is in top form and we are really delighted!"

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