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Quotable Quotes: Serena's Afterthoughts

How did Serena Williams turn the Sony Open Tennis final around? What does she think of holding her record sixth title there? What's her goal for Roland Garros? The World No.1 speaks...

Published March 30, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Serena's Afterthoughts
Serena Williams

MIAMI, FL, USA - How did Serena Williams turn the Sony Open Tennis final around? What does she think of holding her record sixth title there? What's her goal for Roland Garros? The No.1 speaks...

On having a record six career titles in Miami...
"It feels really good. In the beginning of the week or start of the tournament, I definitely didn't feel like I'd be here, not with the way I was playing. But it feels good to go through everything and win."

On the first half of the match, going down a set and a break...
"I was making so many unforced errors, and I was just like, 'Serena, are you really going to get to the final and not play up to your potential?' I don't think I was as energized as I could be. I don't think I had enough energy. I may have done too much work yesterday, may have hit too long, done too much gym - but at one point I was just like, 'Conserve your energy and try and relax and play better.'"

On how she found her energy...
"I don't know. I just started drinking Gatorade, and it gives you a little energy. No joke, seriously - it's not product placement. I'm being really honest! But it really does help me out."

On the rest of her game picking up while she wasn't happy with her serve...
"I honestly have not served great this whole tournament. If you look at the numbers and just stats, it hasn't been my best week, serving-wise, and so usually in the later rounds I'm able to pick it up. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do that today, so I had to rely on other parts of my game."

On Sharapova's play in the final...
"Maria played the best I have seen her play. She was moving unbelievable and she was hitting winners from everywhere. I think after the first set I had over 20 unforced errors and I thought to myself, 'Why am I playing like this?' And now it's like, 'How did I end up winning when I actually wasn't on top of my game?' I need that videotape so I can go home and study it and train and try to get better."

On playing top players...
"I like to play anyone that's a top player. As you saw today she lifted her level, and players like that make me have to lift my level and be like, 'Okay, what can I do to win this? What can I do to get better? Can I get better?' For me that answer is always yes, and I just have to figure out how to do it."

On the big picture of the tournament for her...
"I'm happy to be here holding the championship. It definitely wasn't my best tournament, but those are the moments that count, when you can go and do the best you can and still come out on top and always try to improve. And I finally have a record - it's really cool. I can't seem to catch up with Margaret Court or Steffi or anything, so I'm really happy to have something going right now."

On the transition to clay now...
"Hopefully I can keep winning matches on clay. I'll probably hit a few tomorrow to get sliding a little bit, because I have a match so soon. My goal is to win a match at Roland Garros this year."

On her favorite surface...
"I love the clay. I love sliding. I feel like it's just such an easy game to play. But I think I'm going to say grass for my favorite surface. I serve better on grass for some reason."

And on winning the French Open?
"I think it's only as hard as you say it is. If I were to sit here and say it's hard, then it would be hard. But I happen to love Roland Garros. I'm happy to play there. I want to take it one match at a time."

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