Quotable Quotes: Gems From JJ

Jelena Jankovic isn't just one of the biggest stars on the court, she's also one of the biggest stars in the press room, week after week and year after year. Here she is in her own words...

Published April 17, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Gems From JJ
Jelena Jankovic

CHARLESTON, SC, USA - Jelena Jankovic is not only one of the biggest stars on the tennis court - a former World No.1 back on the rise, having won 14 of her last 17 matches - but she's also one of the biggest stars in the press room, week after week and year after year. And that pattern didn't stop recently at the Family Circle Cup - here are some snippets of her post-match pressers from there...

On falling down on the court in her first match...
"It happened so fast. I was going to hit a volley and tried to slide and somehow my leg got stuck and I just rolled over and was on the ground. But I was lucky - I just fell on my behind, and it is not so small, so I had quite a good cushion. If I was a bit skinner it would be a problem, but now I'm okay."

On sinking into the couches during the changeovers...
"That's my way of getting energy back. Sometimes on the court I was losing a lot of energy being mad at myself. That's something I have to learn to control. It really affects my game and I don't do very well when I get mad like that. I have to change that - but it was really nice to have that couch and just sit and relax at changeovers. Especially when it gets really tight, you've gotta stay loose."

On playing doubles with Petkovic...
"We enjoy it. We enjoy playing doubles with each other. She's a very nice girl and obviously a great player. It was unfortunate when I heard today she had an injury and couldn't go forward in the tournament. It's never nice to hear someone is injured and cannot play, especially her - she has struggled a lot the last year or so with different kinds of injuries, and it's never nice to see that. I wish her a speedy recovery, and I hope it's nothing serious and she'll play again soon."

On Seles...
"There were a lot of players I looked up to when I was younger. Monica Seles was one of them. I really admired her a lot for her great qualities, and I always dreamed of one day becoming No.1 in the world or winning a Slam or doing well in certain tournaments. As a kid you always have dreams, and I come from a small country without a tradition in tennis, and I've come a long way. So I think anything is possible. You can achieve whatever you make your mind up to, and that's very important."

On whether she wore glitter on the court in Charleston...
"Maybe it was the hairspray. It was the hairspray. You can't put glitter on during the day. It doesn't shine. I mean it has to be cloudy here. And actually today was pretty nice weather. The Sun came out, so that was nice, but the last couple of days was quite cloudy, so even if I put glitter on, you wouldn't be able to see it. The night match would be good to wear it so you can shine and whatever.

"But I just have the normal hairspray on today. Can you guys tell I have hairspray? My hair is like concrete now. It doesn't matter if I fall down, if I get frustrated, if it's windy, it still stays slick. I always need it, because I have these bangs and they can't fit in the ponytail, so I have to glue it in."

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