Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Feb 19 - Feb 25
RUS Flag Ekaterina Makarova 0 6 1 2
USA Flag Lauren Davis 15 4 6 2
Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Feb 19 - Feb 25
CRO Flag Ana Konjuh 30 3 0
RUS Flag Elena Vesnina 0 6 1

Quotable Quotes: Venus & Serena

Does Venus feel like she has killer instinct? Why didn't Serena use the karaoke machine in the player lounge in Charleston? Find out the answers to those questions and more right here...

Published April 18, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Venus & Serena
Venus Williams

CHARLESTON, SC, USA - Does Venus think she has killer instinct? Why didn't Serena use the karaoke machine in the player lounge? Find out the answers to those questions and more here...

Serena Williams
On the clay court credentials of Sam Stosur...
"She has a great clay court game, to be honest. Who would have thought an Australian would have a magnificent clay court game like she does, but it just goes to show you the depth people have, like it doesn't matter where they're from, they can play on every surface nowadays. I think her results have shown it - her serve gives her such an advantage, her forehand, and she moves unbelievably."

On her most memorable matches with Venus...
"I don't love playing her. If I win I'm not super excited, and if I lose I'm really not excited. But I think the best match we've ever played was in Doha, I think a couple of years ago, it was just ridiculous. And unfortunately I had to play her again in the final, which I was just dreading because she was playing so well during that tournament. And I always say Australia in '03 was a really good one as well."

On being inspired by Venus...
"I've been her biggest fan, even more so since she found out about her disease. Ultimately I play better because of her - I think about how she isn't even able to play at her best level some days, and I think about how I have zero excuses. It motivates me not to lose, because I have no excuse myself."

On her latest karaoke favorites...
"I'm into '90s rock, like Foreigner and Journey - I don't even know the songs of the artists, but I look them up and find out what their famous songs are and I learn them and then I go karaoke them."

On whether she did any karaoke in Charleston...
"No, although they do have a karaoke machine in the player's lounge, but I've been waiting for a lot of the players to leave so I don't force them out of the tournament with my voice."

On Jelena Jankovic...
"I think she's really exciting to watch out there. I think she plays with the crowd. She laughs on the court. She smiles on the court. She gets a lot of balls back, too. I just think overall she's an exciting player. I have always thought that, and I think exciting players like her are good for ladies' tennis."

Venus Williams
On Monica Puig, after beating her in three sets in her opening match...
"She competes so well and I like that she is working on her game. She goes for her shots. And in the beginning those shots may not always land, but if you keep going for it and competing well like she does, they'll start to go in. So that's a very good sign in a young, up-and-coming player. She played really, really well tonight and she should be looking forward to a lot of great wins in the future."

On Varvara Lepchenko, who she beat in her next match, also in three sets...
"She's a very talented, strong, strong girl, and has really come into her own in the last year."

On she and Serena's resilience through various health problems the last few years...
"The last years have been challenging and at some points difficult for us, but in both of our heads we never gave up on tennis ourselves and we never stopped believing either, and that's what's the most crucial, that you just never stop believing in yourself. And it's not easy, but it's worth it."

On an interview when they were kids, where she was asked about killer instinct and replied, "I don't know if I have killer instinct. I just go out there and play. I think Serena definitely does."
"I do not remember that interview. So if I didn't have it then, I have it now."

On Friday's order of play, where she and Serena both won two matches on center court...
"I was thinking it's a quadruple header today. Hopefully that was a lot of fun for the fans. I don't know if that's ever going to happen again - I hope it doesn't! But it was a really cool thing for the tournament to do, to kind of reward the crowd for hanging in there through all of this difficult weather."

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