Quotable Quotes: Singapore, Seeds & More

Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Li Na and Laura Robson have been talking about everything from Grand Slam seeds to Singapore to sightseeing in Rome - here they are in their own words...

Published May 13, 2013 12:00

Quotable Quotes: Singapore, Seeds & More
Serena Williams

ROME, Italy - The WTA stars have been talking at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia about everything from big sisters, the WTA Championships going to Sinagpore, Grand Slam seeds and more. Read on!

Li Na
On her time so far in Rome...
"Nobody believes me, but I've just been at the hotel, training and doing everything there - having dinner at the hotel, too. I haven't done any shopping or anything else yet. But nobody believes me!"

On Schiavone...
"I was surprised after we played the final at Roland Garros, I was waiting in the locker room for my press conference, and she came to me and told me to enjoy my moment. Girls don't normally do that after they lose matches - but for me she was like a big sister taking care of a little sister."

On the WTA Championships moving to Singapore...
"It's very nice. I got e-mails about it and we were joking about it, saying I can play another five years now! Having the WTA Championships there will help improve tennis in Asia, not only in China, but Singapore too. It's a very good decision. Even more people will play and enjoy tennis now."

Serena Williams
On whether she thinks Errani can reach the Top 5...
"Absolutely. I played her in the semifinals in Madrid last week and she played so well against me. She's so impressive. She keeps getting better and keeps improving. I think it's very impressive."

On beating Sharapova 12 times in a row...
"When you play tough opponents like her you have to be ready. It's not only her, but also all the other high-ranked players - I know I have to bring my best game as there's a higher risk of losing."

Victoria Azarenka
On her form at the moment...
"It's getting there. I don't think I'm playing my best, but I don't think I'm supposed to be playing my best yet. It's all a part of the preparation for Roland Garros. I had two matches in Madrid and the second one didn't go well for me, but I'm taking the positives from it, and during practice it's all good, so I just need to start competing and playing more matches. Right now my main goal is to be playing better and better and getting ready for Paris - I'm looking forward to working hard and improving, like always."

Laura Robson
On why she plays so well against top players...
"I like playing on big courts against these huge players because I just go out there with nothing to lose. I do get a little more nervous towards the end of those matches, but yes, generally I find it easier to play against top players. But I need to play like that more against players of my own ranking."

On Rome...
"It's so beautiful here, even just casually driving around we passed some ruins - I've done my fair share of sightseeing and I don't know another city where you can just see that. I still have to see the Sistine Chapel and other things so I'll probably go there on a day when I'm not playing a match."

On trying to get seeded at a Grand Slam...
"I've said since the start of the year I wanted to be seeded for Wimbledon, and it would be great if I could be seeded for Roland Garros as well, but I think that depends on how people do here. If it happens it'll be great, but if not then I'll just have to play well in the grass season. And if it doesn't happen it might be a good thing as it seems I prefer to play against seeded players anyway!"

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